Grant Program

Mobility Assistance Grant Program

This program is directed to individuals with disabilities who have secured the majority of the money needed to fund vehicle modification products and just need some additional help to reach their goal. Our mobility assistance grant program is designed to bridge the funding gap that prevents people in need of mobility products from achieving their mobility goals.

Our application is open during quarterly funding cycles with 2020 dates listed below.  The typical cycle will be open for one month and the application process must be completed online – we are unable to accept hard copies of the application. Please visit the Apply for a Grant page of our website during an open funding cycle for further instructions and to complete an application. The application will only be available during the dates listed below.

Key points of the mobility assistance grant program:

  • During each funding cycle, grants are awarded to eligible, selected individuals for up to 25% of the cost of the mobility transportation equipment with a maximum award of $5,000
  • Mobility equipment must be essential mobility transportation equipment (i.e. conversions for accessible vans, wheelchair/scooter lifts, car top carriers, driving aids, etc.). Wheelchairs, scooters, home modifications, and any equipment not related to vehicle accessibility are not eligible for this program
  • We are unable to provide assistance toward the cost of the chassis or actual vehicle
    • The purchase of a vehicle that has already been modified or converted with a wheelchair accessible lift or ramp is eligible for this program as long as it is sold by a NMEDA certified dealer
  • Mobility products eligible include all NMEDA approved mobility products
  • Products (including vehicle) may be new or used
  • Mobility equipment must be purchased from a certified NMEDA retail mobility dealer (these dealers can be located at
  • The application and supplementary information must be submitted online. A great deal of personal information is required, and a detailed background narrative is very important to clearly demonstrate the need for the financial assistance and equipment requested
  • A proposal or prospectus which outlines the project in detail including equipment recommended and pricing must be prepared by the mobility dealer and submitted with the application
  • Information must be provided in the application that clearly demonstrates that all other government funding sources and entitlements have been exhausted prior to application
  • The grant may not be used to fund any mobility equipment already funded in full by Vocational Rehabilitation, VA, Medicaid Waiver, or another funding source
  • Approved applications must result in completion of the mobility product purchase within 60 days. If all required documentation and proof of delivery of the funded equipment is not submitted within this timeframe, the award will be forfeited and the applicant must reapply during a future funding cycle
  • Applications are accepted from residents of the United States and Canada
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • The application will open the first day of each funding cycle at 8:00 am Eastern Time and will close promptly at 5:00 pm Eastern Time on the last day of the each funding cycle
    • Please do not wait until the last day of the funding cycle to submit your grant application and any required documentation. The online system will automatically close at the stated deadline date and time. Technical difficulties will not be accepted as an explanation, and late submissions will not be accepted

2020 Funding Cycles

Application Open Announcements Made
February 1-29, 2020 March 31, 2020
May 1-31, 2020 June 30, 2020
August 1-31, 2020 September 30, 2020
November 1-30, 2020 December 31, 2020

Due to the number of applications received, The National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility is unable to accommodate every request. We respectfully ask that you only submit an application if you have thoroughly reviewed the application rules and meet the criteria for submission. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for additional information.

NOVA reserves the right to decline any application and/or ask for any additional information regarding the application.