About Ralph Braun - Our Founder and Inspiration

Ralph Braun’s story is about discovering the unlimited potential in all of us. When he was just six years old, doctors diagnosed him with muscular dystrophy and told his parents he would not live to be a teenager.  Those doctors were wrong.  He lived well past his teens and went on to found and lead BraunAbility until his death in February of 2013. BraunAbility is the world’s leading manufacturer of mobility products, and it is Ralph’s entrepreneurial spirit that shaped this unique organization.

Ralph realized an underserved and underappreciated market existed, so he developed a wide range of mobility products to meet its needs.  He also recognized many of the people who needed this automotive mobility could not afford it.  Inspired to give back, he created The National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility to help individuals with disabilities obtain the mobility products they need to live a full and independent life.

Rise above, my friends, and reach back to help others climb the ladder of life.”-Ralph W. Braun