This smile will brighten anyone’s day!

Five-year-old Jasmine is a sweet girl who welcomes everyone with a smile. Even though she is non-verbal, she communicates with her eyes and facial expressions - I think it’s easy to see from the smile on her face in this picture that she loves her new wheelchair accessible van! A rare condition called Aromatic L-amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency (AADC) means that she requires constant supervision and is dependent on her family for all of her care. Her parents were no longer able to transfer her into their unmodified vehicle, which made it difficult for them to take her to medical appointments or to access the community as a family unit. Jasmine’s parents worked with Mobility Consultant, Joe Cyr, at Silver Cross Automotive who helped guide them through the process of selecting the Savaria conversion to best meet their needs. Jasmine is so excited that she can now join her friends at school for activities!

On behalf of Jasmine and family, I would like to say thank you for your donation to my family to buy the wheelchair accessible van from Silver Cross Auto. It is very important and helpful for me and my family to bring Jasmine out of our house, especially for traveling to the hospital, medical clinic, child development center, and any other appointments. Every time I have to lift Jasmine and the wheelchair into the car, it is very difficult and it is not safe because Jasmine is getting bigger. From now on, I won’t have to worry about lifting her anymore. I would like to thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

Thanks, Seila (Jasmine’s father)


This is one happy family! Pictured from left: Carlton Sr. (father), Latonya (sister), Helen (mother), Carlton, and Robert (brother)

40-year-old Carlton was hospitalized for quite some time in 2016 before his doctors could make the diagnosis of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy which resulted in paralysis.  He recently received a new power wheelchair, but unfortunately he had no way to transport it without an accessible vehicle.  He lives with his mother who had been struggling to load his manual wheelchair into her car.  Carlton had to rely on a transportation service for his medical appointments, and the service was so unreliable that his wound care treatments were discontinued due to numerous absences.  Mobility Consultant, Lee Smith at MobilityWorks, worked with this family to assist them in finding the BraunAbility wheelchair accessible van that would meet their needs and budget. A grant from NOVA helped them bridge the funding gap that has allowed Carlton to return to the wound care treatments and physical therapy appointments he needs to improve his health.

Dear National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility,

I have been paralyzed for two years and today, October 2, 2018, is the first time I’ve left home just to go out to dinner. Tomorrow I have TWO doctor’s appointments I know will be kept because of your generous gift that you made on my behalf. It seems small when I say it out loud; going out to dinner or keeping appointments, but none of these things would be possible without your assistance. 

In three days, this van modification has changed my life. I have freedom of mobility that allows me to load and unload without any difficulties. I am able to travel to wound care appointments, to the hospital to receive my IVIG treatments, and enjoy family outings. Thank you so much for all of your help. - Carlton


Brandon shows off his new driving controls!

31-year-old Brandon suffered a quadriplegic spinal cord injury in 2002, and following numerous surgeries and rehabilitation visits, he has been able to live independently with strong family support and visits.  He recently completed training for the use of hand controls with a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS), but the final step to regaining his independence was to purchase the driving equipment which would give him the ability to drive himself to medical appointments and other community outings. Steve Jackson at M.C. Mobility Systems worked with Brandon and his CDRS to make sure that his wheelchair accessible van would be fitted with the recommended equipment. With the generous assistance of our friends at Sure Grip/Howell Ventures and a grant from NOVA to assist with the remaining balance, Brandon was able to drive himself home in his own van without waiting for a ride! To find a CDRS in your area, please visit www.aded.net.

I would like to thank NOVA for their help in making one of my dreams come true of finally driving my own van. It is so nice to be able to just get in my van and go. It gives me so much more independence and freedom. I don’t have to rely on people to help me; I can do more on my own now. Thanks again. - Brandon


Renee with her son, James

56-year-young Renee had no intention of letting multiple sclerosis strip her of her independence. After a fall in December 2017, she was placed in a long-term care facility for rehabilitation and it was recommended that she remain there as a resident since she was no longer able to live independently. Her 30-year-old son, James, could not bear the thought of his mother living in a nursing home, so he brought her to his home to care for her. He used all of his savings to provide the medical equipment and home modifications needed to bring her home that were not covered by insurance. While this was a vital first step in meeting Renee’s immediate needs, the next step to improve her quality of life was to have the minivan that he purchased for her converted for wheelchair accessibility. After meeting with Mobility Consultant, Karla Gilkey at M.C. Mobility Systems, they selected the BraunAbility conversion that would best fit their van. James worked to raise money with a GoFundMe campaign, and a grant from NOVA bridged the remaining funding gap to finalize their purchase. Renee can now go out for hair appointments, movies, shopping, and she is especially excited for some upcoming family trips they already have planned!

We thank NOVA so incredibly much for the opportunity and assistance they have provided us. My mother was diagnosed with MS when I was very young (Age 8) and she showed signs even before then. I witnessed her going from cane, to walker, and into a power wheelchair. The earlier power wheelchairs were not so bad because they came apart easy and fit into the trunk, plus she had the ability to transfer. However recently (December 2017) she lost the ability to transfer, and without a thought I went into action. I traded in my Ram for a minivan with the idea of getting a ramp added onto it so we could get back out into the world. However, when I inquired about the cost of adding the ramp, I fell off my chair. Who knew? I immediately began researching assistance programs, and NOVA by far has been amazing! The assistance helps us bridge the final gap in getting our van converted thus allowing us to gain our mobility. We thank you so much and we’ve already got our plans set to hit Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and to return to Pittsburgh to see family and friends with a summer vacation planned for next summer!




It looks like Ayden is pretty happy about his new van and lift!

This 6-year-old cutie couldn’t be happier to finally ride in the family’s new full size wheelchair accessible van equipped with a Clock Mobility conversion and VMI/Ricon lift!  His mom, Brenda, first contacted us several years ago for information on additional financial resources. She utilized these resources to secure the initial funding, and then requested the final assistance needed from NOVA to accomplish their goal. Thanks to Q’Straint, Brenda can safely secure Ayden with proper wheelchair restraints rather than the bungee cord she used to use! Sending a special thanks to Ethan Stone with MobilityWorks in Sacramento, CA for coordinating all of the “moving parts” required by the funding agencies, vehicle modifier, and installation technicians to complete the project.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank NOVA for helping us with the funding of a conversion wheelchair lift system for our son Ayden. It has been a long 6 years using wooden planks to roll Ayden’s wheelchair up into our basic van and basic tie downs to secure him to the vehicle. As Ayden has grown it was becoming very difficult to roll him up at such a degree. It was hard on him as well, for his body was in a position that it did not care for. This means a lot to our family as a whole. Ayden likes to go places, he loves drive thru’s of all kinds, he enjoys the lift system movements and sounds (it makes him laugh). To see the joy on his face warms our hearts.

Thank you again!


From left: Mike Siebert (Mobility Consultant), Tadashi (dad), Tyshin (brother), Leia, Kahana (sister), and Erica (mom)

Leia is a happy 9-year-old who enjoys school and loves being around people. Being born with global developmental delay and hypotonia meant that she needed a wheelchair to get around, but this hasn’t slowed her down! Having an unmodified minivan did limit the activities that the family could attend together because placing Leia, her wheelchair, and siblings into the vehicle each time had become increasingly difficult. A grant from NOVA and help from our friends at Q’Straint helped get this family back to the activities they enjoy. Thank you to Mike Siebert for helping this family get their minivan modified with a BraunAbility conversion!

We have three children and our oldest daughter, Leia, has a disability and cannot walk or communicate well with others. Although she is very passionate about being outside and loves to explore, we have been struggling to take the children to parks and other places due to not having a modified car. By receiving this grant, we can finally modify our van and provide more opportunities to visit parks and make traveling easier. This will bring joy and excitement to our daughter. - Tadashi, Erica, Leia, Tyshin, and Kahana


Ronald and his mom, Ellen, with Mobility Consultant Brett Vena

A stroke at the age of 37 left Ronald unable to use the left side of his body, and he is now dependent on his single mother, Ellen, for his care. They were excited to learn of a stroke support group in their community which would allow them the opportunity to connect with others living with similar circumstances. Unfortunately, Ellen was unable to take Ronald to these meetings because she had no way of transporting the power wheelchair he is reliant upon for mobility. Her commitment was to improve her son’s quality of life, which led her to work diligently to find a wheelchair accessible van that would meet their needs. She contacted Brett Vena at United Access in Lenexa, KS who assisted them in applying for a grant from NOVA, and this award allowed them to bring home the BraunAbility van that put them back on the road to independence!

Generally speaking, I steer clear of discussing politics or religion. These are very touchy subjects, but I feel comfortable enough to let it be known, GOD IS GOOD! As a parent, it pains me to see my son bedridden and home bound due to a massive stroke. Through God’s grace and mercy, I now have suitable transportation which enables my son to travel wherever his heart desires. This vehicle offers indescribable independence and enhanced quality of life. I give all glory to God. I must also make clear that the words “Thank You” are not enough to express my humble gratitude to everyone affiliated with United Access and NOVA. Brett Vena (mobility specialist) was my liaison with United Access and from the start, he could see I was totally overwhelmed. He vowed to help me make the right decisions for my specific situation and he professionally kept his word. I had my eye on two vehicles, one of which I financially fell short. Keith Carlson (United Access General Manager) did not hesitate to work with me. Mr. Carlson sad, “the goal is to match you with the vehicle that best fits your needs and help you stay within your budget”; therefore, I was able to drive away in my personal preference. Initially, I secured funds to cover the cost of the vehicle, but reality set in with those necessary evils (sales tax, insurance, and extended warranty). Being a NOVA grant recipient was simply another blessing from above. Just know, every penny counts! I especially want to thank Andrea Vrobel (NOVA Executive Director) for taking time from her busy day to personally make contact with me.

Again, thank you to everyone. - Ellen and Ronald - A grateful mother to an appreciative son

Dustin and Madison

Madison and Dustin (front row) with Garlene and William (back row)

28-year-old Dustin suffered a traumatic brain injury at the age of 16 and has required the use of a wheelchair since the accident.  His parents and caregivers, Garlene and William, recently gained custody of their 18-year-old granddaughter, Madison, who was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair as well. Garlene and William were able to manage transporting Dustin’s wheelchair by breaking it down and placing it in the trunk of their car, but now that they have two wheelchairs to manage, this has become quite a difficult challenge for these grandparents who both have shoulder and back problems.  Madison was only able to go to school and medical appointments, and her specialized medical care is far from their home.  Garlene and William wanted to increase the opportunities for their son and granddaughter to be involved in the community outside of their home and had been searching for an accessible van for several years.  With the help of grants from the Spina Bifida Association, Superior Van & Mobility, and NOVA, as well as a donation from Q’Straint, this dream has now become a reality for them. Thank you to Grace Sweger, Mobility Consultant at Superior Van & Mobility in Lexington, KY, for all of her help in assisting this family secure the financial resources they needed to achieve their mobility goals!

From left: Mary Beth Long (Program Coordinator for Spina Bifida Assoc of KY), Garlene, Madison, Dustin, William, Grace Sweger (Mobility Consultant for Superior Van & Mobility)

Having an accessible van gives our family endless opportunities! Now, whenever we want to take the family on an outing together we will be able to do so. The way it has been before was having to make plans of how to arrange who would go in what car and which vehicle would hold which wheelchair. As it was, usually the only trips taken were for necessity. Now we are looking forward to the freedom of having transportation that will allow the family to go places and be able to see and do things that were never possible before! We sincerely thank everyone who made this possible! - Garlene, William, Dustin, and Madison







Jean with her sister Joyce and brother-in-law Tim


When Jean contacted NOVA, she informed us that her car had made its last trip after reaching 200,000 miles. She had been transferring herself into a sedan for the past 50 years following a spinal cord injury, and her shoulders were just not able to take any more wear and tear so she knew that her next vehicle had to be wheelchair accessible. She worked with Jon Hoffman and Alex Sanchez at Goldenwest Mobility in Spokane, WA to learn what options were available and what would be the most affordable option for her. She knew she would not be able to afford the cost of a new van and conversion, but Jon and Alex located a used BraunAbility wheelchair accessible van that would meet her needs and was closer to her price point. With a grant from NOVA and a donation from our friends at MPS Corp., Jean is now back on the road to independence!

I have driven a car for many years even though I was in a wheelchair, but last year my shoulder became too bad to get in and out of the car by myself. When my car died, I decided that I needed a van with a ramp but did not have the funds to get one. I applied for a grant from NOVA and was granted one to help pay for the ramp. It has given me my freedom back. After five long months of having to ask others to get me items at the store, etc…I will be able to do it by myself. Thank you so much! - Jean


Hannah is ready to go with her family! From left to right - Grant, Jenna, Ava, Kristin and Mobility Consultant Matthew Milheim

This five-year-old cutie is a cheerful young girl who loves going to preschool and spending time with her brother and sisters. She spends lots of time in therapies, but keeps a near-constant smile on her face through it all! After experiencing back pain and injuries from frequently transferring Hannah and loading her wheelchair into their unmodified vehicle, her parents decided it was time to take action before there were any serious injuries. They contacted Matthew Milheim at M.C. Mobility Systems in Dayton, OH who helped them select the van and VMI Ricon lift that would best fit their family of six. Step one, complete needs assessment and select products - check! Step two, research and secure majority of funding needed to purchase the products - check! Step three, apply for a grant from NOVA to request assistance with remaining balance (up to $5,000) - check! Step four, bring your wheelchair accessible van home after your little girl has easily entered the vehicle and been safely secured (thanks to the generosity of Q’Straint!) - check! Final step, enjoy many safe and happy travels - check! 🙂

We are extremely grateful to NOVA for their financial assistance in getting a wheelchair lift installed in our family’s full-sized van.  Now we can travel together as a family without the difficulty of manually loading our daughter’s wheelchair and the potential for associated back injury. Both my wife and I have a history of minor to moderate back injuries, and the assistance from NOVA has eliminated this hazard from the challenges with transporting our daughter Hannah. We are thrilled with the installation and the professionalism of the team that installed the equipment and were ecstatic to hear Hannah, in her first ride out in the van, say, “Dad - look at me. I’m in my chair!”  We look forward to many years of travel and transport throughout our community with the new equipment.  Thanks, NOVA!


Gail and Patrick are ready to take off in their BraunAbility conversion!

Gail is an active woman who does not want to allow multiple sclerosis to slow her down or limit her independence. Her days are typically filled with volunteer work, medical appointments, errands, and workouts at the YMCA. Transfers into her unmodified vehicle were becoming increasingly difficult and resulted in fatigue, which meant that she had to rely on her husband, Patrick, for assistance. With Patrick still working and also helping with the care of his 91-year-old father, scheduling outings would often be limited. Gail worked with several organizations to assist with the cost of this conversion, and grants received from their county waiver program, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and local MS Foundation, as well as NOVA provided her with the funding she needed to achieve her mobility independence. A donation from our friends at Q’Straint also helped make this dream come true for Gail. Thank you to Dale Strobach at A & J Mobility in Eau Claire, WI for his assistance in helping Gail and Patrick select their first BraunAbility conversion!

Receiving the NOVA grant to help with the conversion of my first modified van has meant the world to me. My van now allows me the independence to come and go as I please! This van allows me to go on my own and to go with my husband anywhere we wish with the peace of mind that I can drive or he can drive. The access into the van with the ramp and power pull has made me less apprehensive about getting out and doing things. I am less fatigued getting into my van which makes for a much more enjoyable day whether it be going to the Y, the doctor, shopping, or just meeting family or friends! Peace of mind and freedom are the best feelings in the world!!! I am so honored with NOVA’s generosity. Thank you so much! - Gail


Joy and Peter (with Mobility Consultant Antonella Ferretti) give their new conversion a “thumbs up”!

Peter and his wife, Joy, spend a great deal of time traveling to various medical appointments. When their 22-year-old wheelchair accessible van broke down (which resulted in an interesting ride home for Peter, who had to be towed home in the van!), they were left without reliable transportation as there are no wheelchair accessible taxis in their area. You see, even though the numerous medical appointments can be tiresome, they allow Peter to remain in his home to be cared for by Joy rather than live in a long-term care facility. They had secured a good portion of the funds they needed to purchase a conversion for their van, but were still in need of a bit more to bring it home. A grant from NOVA provided the assistance they needed to complete the purchase of their  Savaria conversion. Peter will now be able to enjoy an activity that many men take for granted (and often dread) - going shipping with his wife! Thank you to Mobility Consultant Antonella Ferretti at Silver Cross Automotive in Ontario for guiding this family through the process!

On April 23, 2015, I had a stroke at 49. I lost the use of my right side. Now I use a manual wheelchair. My wife and I recently purchased a 2013 van. Thanks to the grant from NOVA we have been able to modify it so that it is wheelchair accessible. This modified van will make my trips to doctors and physiotherapy so much easier than before. My wife has promised to take me with her into town to help her shop now. Having the ability to travel more is definitely going to enrich my social life. Now I can even go visit my sister from time to time who lives two hours away! She will be so proud and happy to see me able to do this. This newly modified van feels so safe and comfortable compared to the 22-year-old van we had previously. My wife used to struggle to lift the old ramp with her bad back. Then she could barely push me up it because I am a big guy. Now she lowers the ramp automatically and can even make the van kneel to make the ramp less steep. It is just wonderful and amazing. Thank you so, so, so much NOVA!


Joseph and Dad, Raul, are ready to hit the road!

Raul is a proud single father to 12-year-old Joseph, who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of one. Raul and his 67-year-old father had been lifting Joseph into and out of the vehicle along with his manual wheelchair for years, but this handsome young man is growing up quickly and these transfers were taking a physical toll on his dad and grandpa. A grant from NOVA was just what they needed to bring home a van with an AMS rear-entry conversion that will allow Joseph’s family to quickly and easily wheel him into the van with no lifting required! Sending thanks to Rick Carlson at MobilityWorks in Plainfield, IL who worked diligently to locate an affordable option for this family that would best meet their mobility needs.

The grant from NOVA represents freedom and hope for Joe and our family. Freedom in the sense we’re no longer limited when making travel plans. Prior to the van, we had to make sure someone physically strong enough would travel with Joe to be able to transfer him between his wheelchair and vehicle. Sometimes Joe was unable to make family trips because there wasn’t anyone available. The grant also gives hope. When I started researching grant opportunities I was a bit demoralized because there’s not many opportunities available for families in our situation who are not eligible for most financial assistance, but still  need help because accessible vehicles are costly. Fortunately, NOVA was founded to assist many families like ours and we’re so grateful. Thank you NOVA!


Kwan and DeMarco with Mobility Consultant, William Coppola

When DeMarco’s wife, Kwan, submitted their grant application, she told us that her husband was an active and adventurous person who loved to take daily walks, spend time with his family (especially his grandkids), and go to church on Sunday. DeMarco was diagnosed with a central nervous system disorder in 2011 which affects his brain and ability to walk. All of the activities that brought him so much joy were impacted when his condition worsened and he required a power wheelchair for his mobility. They had to rely on medical transportation or taxi companies to transport him, which were very costly and not reliable. Kwan believed that having their own wheelchair accessible vehicle would improve DeMarco’s quality of life by allowing him to return to the activities he loves so dearly. Thanks to the help of Mobility Consultant William Coppola at MobilityWorks in East Harford, CT who assisted them in selecting the BraunAbility conversion that would achieve their mobility goals, DeMarco can once again go on picnics, attend his grandkids football and basketball games, and go to movies with his family. Wishing DeMarco and Kwan many happy adventures!



Dear NOVA,

Thank You for selecting DeMarco as one of the recipients of your grant awards.  Your generosity is so greatly appreciated.  We are so happy to have purchased a handicap accessible van. We’ve waited a long time for this blessing and we are so grateful.  Also, we are so thankful that there are organizations like NOVA that help the handicap and disabled in getting the needs they require to have a better quality of life.  DeMarco and I are ecstatic; he can now be a part of the family excursions. 

Again, thank you. - Kwan & DeMarco


Jeremiah with his parents Anthony and Tawonia

18-year-old Jeremiah loves attending high school, and his new power wheelchair has made it even easier to zip down the halls. Unfortunately, this new power wheelchair also made it much more difficult for his parents to transport him to school and appointments as it did not fit into their van. A grant from NOVA gave this family the extra assistance they needed to purchase a van with a BraunAbility XT conversion that would accommodate Jeremiah’s larger wheelchair. Thank you to Daniel Schneider at Superior Van & Mobility in Indianapolis, IN who helped this family locate the financial resources they needed to achieve their mobility goals.

Our family is truly thankful and grateful for this opportunity to have received grant funding from NOVA to help us with payment toward our new purchase of a mobility conversion ramp van. Our son, Jeremiah, is now an adult with a new adult power wheelchair. We need spacing in the van for the new power wheelchair to fit comfortably in and thanks to this funding gift, our wish has come true. 

Thanks NOVA for granting us these funds. - Tony, Tawonia, & Jeremiah


This World Champion Fiddle Player has never once asked “Why me?” since his diagnosis of ALS in 2015. He and his wife, Denise, make the most of every day together and tackle this diagnosis head-on with faith and laughter. Bart calls Denise his “Ninja Caregiver”, and she has worked tirelessly to raise money to purchase all of the necessary medical-related items he needs. Check out Bart’s website to learn more about his journey, including the gains he has made following infusion treatments - and you can enjoy his fiddlin’ with some of the greats like Merle Haggard!  Thank you to Dave Goffnett at United Access for helping Bart and Denise select the most appropriate BraunAbility conversion to meet their needs.

Bart and the “small but mighty” Denise with their BraunAbility wheelchair accessible van

The definition of the word gratitude is “the quality of being thankful.” The dictionary also gives you the words:  appreciation, indebtedness, and thanks as synonyms. Even using all of these words to say thank you for awarding us the NOVA Grant to help us get our handicap van would still not express how very, very humbled and thankful we are. Receiving the money added just the amount we needed to have enough to purchase this very necessary piece of equipment. Since being diagnosed with ALS in July 2015, we have managed to borrow or buy any of the equipment I have needed. However, purchasing a handicap van was another story altogether. Having ALS for three years as I have, I am still quite healthy but because I require the use of a power wheelchair I had become a prisoner in my own home. My wheelchair weighs 410 lbs and there isn’t a way to carry it on our SUV. We had a manual wheelchair but that presented another problem. I am 6’2″ and weigh 250 lbs. My wife, who is my full-time caregiver, is 5′ and weighs 120 lbs. She is not even able to see over me to push me in the chair, not to mention our weight differences made it virtually impossible. Being able to purchase this handicap van has given me my independence back. It has completely changed my life. I can once again go to the store or run errands with my wife. Doctor’s and clinic appointments are no longer a problem. We can finally travel in a safe and easy manner and make some of those very important memories! Like I said in the beginning, thank you doesn’t even begin to cover how we feel about receiving the NOVA Grant but we are so blessed to have been a recipient. My wife and I will remember NOVA every time we get in our van and go anywhere! 

We are forever in your debt and sincerely thankful~ Bart and Denise



Lachlan loves his new “ramp van”! With parents Jessica and Nathan, and little brothers Conlan and Flintlan

Six-year-old Lachlan is a rock star in his mom’s eyes. This little guy defied all odds and is a survivor, despite the numerous challenges he has faced since birth. Parents Jessica and Nathan have a unique understanding of raising a child with disabilities and were pursuing adopting another child with special needs when baby brother Flintlan came along. While adoption has temporarily been placed on hold, their dream for the future is to become a forever family for a child with orthopedic needs. When that day comes, we know that transportation will not be a problem for them with their new VMI Northstar conversion! Thank you to Tonya Giesbers of Performance Mobility/United Access in Sandy, UT for helping this family select the conversion that would best meet their needs.

Dear NOVA,

“Hey everyone, it’s my new ‘ramp van’!” calls out our 6-year-old son Lachlan as the door to our newly-accessible van opens. The pride he exhibits is just a small benefit stemming from the generosity of NOVA’s gift to our family. Your grant helped us convert our vehicle, allowing our son to easily get in and out of the car without fear of straining a caregiver’s back due to lifting. We’re thrilled to be able to transport Lachlan safely and easily thanks to this conversion and greatly appreciate NOVA’s role in helping make it happen. Thank you, thank you!


“Sweet Boy” Nathaniel

18-year-old Nathaniel, aka “Sweet Boy” (as his grandparents call him) has been in a wheelchair his whole life due to a condition called arthrogryposis.  He is getting ready to graduate high school and his grandparents, who have raised him since birth, used their savings to purchase a wheelchair accessible van.  Up until this time, they had been lifting him and his wheelchair into and out of the vehicle which was becoming increasingly more difficult with age. While the accessible van made transporting Nathaniel much easier, it was still difficult for them to easily secure his wheelchair into the vehicle.  Our friends at Q’Straint wanted to make sure that he traveled safely, and this powered docking system did just the trick! Thanks to Sara Bradstream at MobilityWorks for all of her work to help this family locate the resources they needed to achieve their mobility goals.

Nathaniel with his grandparents Jerry and Jean, and Mobility Consultant Sara Bradstream

I wanted to thank you for giving me the grant for the power docking station. I am grateful for the grant because it will make it easier for me to lock my wheelchair down. This benefits me greatly because it will help my grandparents from having to strain themselves of locking my chair down. Next fall, this equipment will make it easier to go back and forth to my college class each day. The grant has also allowed me to be able to save money for college. Thank you so much for assisting me for the payment on the equipment I needed for the van. This truly has been a blessing for me.








Mobility Consultant Mike Smith is ready to rock on with Josh and his mom Angela

Single mom Angela wasn’t going to let anything keep her son, 31-year-old Josh, from going to concerts with his friends and experiencing life as he had before being hit by a car as a pedestrian at the age of 19. Angela began working with Mike Smith at Superior Van & Mobility who helped her find a BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicle that would get them back on tour!

Josh was a musician before his accident. He was able to play several instruments but guitar was his favorite. He had dreams of being a professional musician. Those dreams were shattered after his accident. He can no longer play guitar because he only has use of his left hand. To give a little bit of that life back to him, I try to take him to as many concerts that I can. We need a dependable van for that. This van will not only allow me to give music back to my son, but it affords us the freedom to get out of the house and enjoy life. Without an accessible van, we would be home-bound and only be able to go to doctor appointments through medical transportation companies. This grant helped us realize our dreams of purchasing an accessible van. Thank you - Angela


Mobility Consultant Bill Obenaus with Jesus and his mom (Perla), sister (Vanessa), and brother (Anthony)

10-year-old Jesus loves going outside and hearing the sounds of nature as well as the hustle and bustle of activities happening around him. With his mom as his full-time caregiver, it had become increasingly more difficult for her to take him out for recreation because lifting him and his wheelchair in and out of the vehicle had caused chronic back pain. Mobility Consultant Bill Obenaus at Ability Center helped this family select the van with a BraunAbility conversion that would allow them to easily transport Jesus and their family.

This opportunity meant a lot to our family because it gives us the ability to be able to transport my son everywhere with ease. We truly appreciate and needed this help to purchase a vehicle that will be reliable for a very long time. 








Who’s ready for ice cream? This guy! Stuart is ready to go to the store with parents, Eric and Diane

Our “Eye-Opening” Story

We picked up our new van and headed home. We called our kids and told them we were going to take them out for a ride and stop by the grocery store to pick up some ice cream to celebrate our new van. We loaded Stuart in - what a “breeze” in our new van with its power ramp. We no longer had to lift and transfer him to his special needs car seat and then lift his chair into the back of the van. Safely inside, we all headed to the store. Stuart was all smiles and laughing. Upon arriving at the store, Eric asked everyone what flavor they wanted. Then he said he would stay outside with Stuart while everyone else wanted to go in and help pick out flavors. He asked who wanted to go in. Stuart chimed in and said “yes”. I looked at Eric and said, “You know, we can all go in.” What an eye-opening experience from start to finish - Stuart’s smiles, his inclusion in going into the store for the ice cream. What an enjoyable adventure. It was a short trip but I know it’s the beginning of so many more wonderful trips. This new van with its power ramp has given us the freedom that we hadn’t realized we had lost. Thank you for the grant which enabled us to get our van - a wonderful gift. - Eric, Diane and Stuart

Wishing 19-year-old Stuart many more trips for ice cream and visits to his dad’s office - another “treat” he enjoys. Sending thanks to Karla Gilkey at M.C. Mobility Systems in Mentor, OH for helping this family select the VMI conversion to best meet their needs and to Q’Straint for their contribution which allowed Stuart’s family to secure him easily and safely.


As a young, working professional, 28-year-old Alexa was in need of reliable transportation to get to and from her new job. She had worked diligently to achieve her two big goals - graduation from law school and completion of a driver rehabilitation program which trained her to drive with adaptive driving equipment. Alexa raised the majority of the money she needed to purchase her adapted vehicle, but still was short of reaching her goal. A grant from NOVA bridged the funding gap and allowed her to gain her mobility freedom. Alexa stated in her application, “As a quadriplegic, I am dependent on others for almost everything and I am rarely alone. However, when I drive, I am able to escape the constraints of my disability and find myself feeling like a regular person once again.” Many thanks to Kyle Harris at United Access in Carrollton, TX for all of his work to ensure that Alexa received the equipment she needed to gain her driving independence.

After she brought home her new BraunAbility conversion, she wrote us this letter:

Dear NOVA,

I am so thrilled to have funding from NOVA for my new vehicle! As a recent graduate, I did not have much savings to purchase a vehicle and was limited in the amount I could borrow. NOVA was the bridge that allowed me to purchase a new vehicle. I don’t know where I’d be without NOVA and I’m so thankful for their help! I can’t wait for all the many adventures I will have my new vehicle! Thanks, NOVA!




Mazzy’s smile lights up the shop! Pictured here with parents Michael and Brein, sister Birkly and Mobility Consultant Gordon WeishnerCuteness overload! We can’t get enough of 6-year-old Mazzy’s beautiful smile when she saw her new wheelchair accessible vehicle.  Spina bifida and numerous surgeries can’t keep this spunky little girl’s spirits down, and this BraunAbility MXV conversion will allow her to keep up with her big sister and friends. Many thanks to Gordon Weishner at M.C. Mobility Systems, Inc. in Mentor, OH for helping this family bring home the perfect Christmas gift!

Our entire family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! NOVA, your recent grant allowed us the means necessary to purchase an accessible vehicle for our daughter Mazzy.  Mazzy is our six-year-old daughter with spina bifida. She loves spending time out in the community and until now needed both parents in order to lift her 100+ pound wheelchair. It is beyond comforting to know that we can get up and go at any time now that we have the accessible ramp. No more lifting! And this will also allow Mazzy much more time out in the community. We are beyond grateful! Many blessings and Happy New Year!

Lots of love,  Mike, Brein, Birkly and Mazzy


Chase looks cozy and ready to hit the road with parents Dawsie and Steve

It was very important to Chase’s parents that he was able to experience life outside of his home and engage with friends, family, and his community. A wheelchair accessible van allowed this family the opportunity to easily and safely take Chase out without the worry of injury to either themselves or to him during transfers.

Dear NOVA,


Chase is our 17 year old son, he has a medical diagnosis of Encephalopathy (Cryptogenic Lennox Gastaut Syndrome), which is a form of cerebral palsy and seizure disorder.  He is wheelchair bound. On behalf of our family we would like to thank NOVA for the extreme generosity of the grant providing us the ability to purchase a new VMI equipped van. For us as parents, the van is providing the absolute best for our son to keep him safe and transport him to and from family, friends, school and outside functions. We would also like to give a special thanks to Tom Vohsen at United Access, St. Louis, MO. who helped us find the VMI conversion to best fit Chase’s needs.

NOVA has truly made a difference in our life and we cannot thank you enough for your kindness.

Forever Grateful,

Steve, Dawsie and Chase 


Scott with dad, Orbin and co-pilot, Inky

When the wheelchair lift on his van broke and could not be repaired, 54-year-old Scott felt that he had lost a great deal of independence. He had to begin relying on his 81-year-old father to run all of the errands that he typically could do for himself. Scott suffered a spinal cord injury in 1991 while working in construction and had the ability to drive independently with adaptive driving equipment for all of these years, until he could no longer access his van.  A grant from NOVA helped him purchase a new BraunAbility wheelchair lift that has given him back his mobility freedom. Thank you to David Hamlet at United Access in Oklahoma City, OK for working with Scott to achieve his mobility goals!

Thanks to NOVA, this grant has helped me get back on the road again. When my old lift broke and no parts were available, I was left without my transportation. Now I have my independence back! Thank you very much!!  - Scott


Although a spinal surgery in 2003 left 62-year-old Donald paralyzed, he has always been determined to remain self-sufficient. I first met this charming gentleman at the Kansas Truck Mobility Rodeo in September 2017, and his desire to maintain his independence and live an active lifestyle was quite evident. Kansas Truck Mobility owner, Maurice Linnens, took great care to ensure that Donald selected the  product that would keep him on the road to mobility freedom.

I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve appreciated your organization funding the money toward the the B&D six way power transfer seat base for the driver’s side of my van. If it wasn’t for your funding and the help from Andrea Vrobel, I  would have not been able to have this transfer seat installed in my van. I can now drive my van from the driver’s seat and be safe. This grant has helped provide me a way to transfer from my wheel chair to the driver’s seat in which I can have more independence and is designed with my specific needs in mind.  I am thoroughly going to enjoy my mobility transportation equipment. I’d like to send my deepest heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the funding you provided toward my transfer seat base. This was a blessing from God. It is so wonderful that there are organizations like this out there to help people who are in need of assistance. I feel so free to do the things I can enjoy doing, such as going to Dr. appointments, shopping, and getting out in our community.  I would also like to thank Kansas Truck Mobility for installing my transfer seat base. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude for your organization for helping me purchase the power transfer seat base for my van.  Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Donald 


Jason is excited to regain his independence! Pictured here with his mom, Ruth, and Mobility Consultant, Matt Milheim.

36-year-old Jason may have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but that did not stop this sports fan from being active in helping out his town’s football program, as well as supporting his nephews during their baseball and basketball games. When the engine blew on the family’s 22-year-old wheelchair accessible van, Jason felt helpless since he could no longer use his power wheelchair to go out into the community. His mom describes him as “very independent”, and the ability to transport his wheelchair in an accessible vehicle allows him to maintain his independence and quality of life.  Thank you to Matt Milheim at M.C. Mobility Systems, Inc. in Dayton, OH for helping this family select the FR Conversions product to best meet their needs!

Thank you so much for your help in getting Jason’s ramp. It has been a long process the past five months, but with your help, it has been so worth it. Jason is super excited for this van. He is much more comfortable in his power wheelchair when going to doctor and therapy appointments. His first thought was “I can take my power chair to my nephew’s ballgame this week!”. This will make it so much easier on us all and Jason can stay independent. Again, thank you. This means the world to us.

Ruth and Jason


Ellen is excited to spend time with her beautiful family this holiday season! Ellen is pictured with family members Eric, Heather, Mike, and Kenny.

Ellen is only 68-years-old and loves spending time being active in her community and visiting with family.  Unfortunately rheumatoid arthritis and other medical complications kept her mostly home bound without having a vehicle to transport her wheelchair and other medical equipment. Her family was committed to ensuring that she maintained the quality of life she deserved and contacted NOVA to help them achieve this goal. Thanks to an additional donation from Q’Straint, Ellen can ride safely and securely in her ElDorado Amerivan conversion. Sending thanks to JP Ruprecht at Drive-Master in Fairfield, NJ for helping Ellen get back on the road in time for the holidays!

Dear NOVA,

We want to thank NOVA from the bottom of our hearts for your extreme generosity and providing us the ability to purchase a conversion van. Our mom has been wheelchair bound for several years and was able to transfer from the wheelchair to the car with assistance; however, due to the progression of her pulmonary and physical deficits she can no longer get out of her power wheelchair. If we wanted to get our mom out of the house to make family events or doctor’s appointments we needed to rent a van each time. This became very costly and we were limited to when we could schedule appointments. With the purchase of our new conversion van we are now able to give our mom the independence that has been stripped from her over the years. She can now stay active with her friends and family and not allow her disabilities to interfere with living her life. This improved her quality of life and enabled us to continue to enjoy our time as a family. Thank you once again for all of your assistance and for making our mom so incredibly happy!


Tucker with his family: Dad, Jerry; brother, Anthony; and Mom, Jessica

Tucker loves his new van!


5-year-old Tucker and his family have experienced some unexpected financial stressors recently, such as medical expenses and flood damge to their home. Due to Tucker’s rare genetic disorder he requires specialized full time care, so his mom, Jessica, left her full time job as a nurse to make sure he received the care and attention he needed. As he has grown and transfers into the car seat became more difficult, the family began fundraising and saving for the funds they needed to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle to easily transport Tucker to medical appointments and community outings. They were close to achieving their goal, and a grant from NOVA helped them make their mobility dreams come true! Thank you to Mike Siebert at M.C. Mobility Systems in Plain City, OH for helping this family select the BraunAbility conversion to best meet their needs.

Our son, Tucker suffers from a rare disorder called Lesch-Nyhan syndrome.  He was born with this condition and has always ridden in a car seat, but now that he is almost 6, it is very difficult to move him from his wheelchair to the seat.  This van is truly a blessing because we can now leave home without the stress of lifting him, and without upsetting him getting him in and out of the car seat.  It will also let us travel together as a family. Tucker has a 12 year old brother, and when the four of us drive together, it was hard because of space.  We can now all drive together in the van.  Thank you to NOVA for helping us buy this van.  Without the grant it would not have been possible.


Thank you for helping us buy a van that can transport all three of us! Jeff, Mason and Taylor

Mason loves his job at the grocery store working in customer service and assisting customers find the items they need. Many of the regulars come in to visit him because of his great smile and warm, friendly demeanor. He lives with his roommates Jeff and Taylor who both also require wheelchairs for mobility. They were fortunate that Mason’s parents had a full size van that could transport all three of them, but alas the van exceeded the 200,000 mile mark and became broken down beyond repair. This left these three handsome, active young men without a reliable ride to their respective jobs and other activities. A grant from NOVA helped get Mason and his friends back on the road to independence! Many thanks to Cummings Mobility for installing a BraunAbility lift on this family’s van.

On behalf of Mason, Taylor, Jeff, Patti and Dave (Mason’s parents), we would like to thank everyone at NOVA for the grant to help make our van accessible.  This accessible van will provide dependability and safety. Mason, Taylor and Jeff live together and all three have cerebral palsy. Now they can travel and stay together. Everyone will be able to attend every event! 

Thank you for the assistance through the grant. You have truly made a difference in the lives of three young men. We will be forever grateful for your generosity.


Mason, Taylor, Jeff, Patti and Dave


Zack with his brother, Adel; mom, Lori; and sister Alia

Zack has endured many medical complications during his 12 years of life, but that hasn’t stopped him from wanting to be a young man who is as independent as possible. His new power wheelchair has given him the ability to move around his home without help, and the wheelchair accessible van that they were just able to purchase after receiving a grant from NOVA will allow him to also travel in the community independently (without mom pushing his wheelchair!). Many thanks to our friends at Q’Straint who made sure that Lori could easily and safely secure Zack in the van for travel. Thank you also to Steve Kinstler at United Access in Kansas City, MO who helped this family find the VMI conversion that would best meet their needs.

Thanks for everything. Words can’t say enough how much this means to us. We have needed a van conversion for years. as you see Zack is now taller than me it is very difficult to pick him up and get him in out of a vehicle…thanks so much!! Greatly appreciated!


Parents Kathy (left) and William with Brooke, her baby brother Mason, and Mobility Consultant Mary Lieb (right)

5-year-old Brooke is a happy girl despite the challenges she faces with cerebral palsy. She is so excited to be starting kindergarten this year, especially since she just got a new wheelchair with customized seating! The family is so fortunate to have an amazing friend who worked diligently to help them raise as much money as possible for the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van. A grant from NOVA provided the remaining funds needed, and now Brooke will be on her way to school in her cool new wheelchair AND van! Special thanks to our friends at Q’Straint who made sure this family could easily and safely secure Brooke in the van for travel. Thank you also to Mary at Performance Mobility in Wheat Ridge, CO who helped this family find the BraunAbility conversion that would best meet their needs.

This grant means a great deal to us as a family. We really needed this van for several reasons. Our daughter Brooke is growing up fast and getting heavier as she grows. This is making it more difficult to lift her in and out of her car seat and her wheelchair. Having a van means she can use her new wheelchair regularly when she is at school or traveling. For us as parents, this van is providing the best for our daughter and making it easier for us to travel and do things as a family. Thank you so much for being a part of this life changing purchase for our family.

Sanah and Abdullah

Parents Nesar and Masoodah with children Abdullah and Sanah (both in stroller), Liya, and Mobility Consultant Shelley Pattenden

5-year-old Sanah and her 2-year-old brother Abdullah were both diagnosed with a metabolic disorder called Joubert Syndrome which requires that they use special adaptive seating. Parents Nesar and Masoodah were unable to fit themselves and three children into their former vehicle along with the medical equipment that Sanah and Abdullah needed, and the continued lifting of the children and equipment had begun to take a toll on their backs. Having two children with significant medical needs placed a momentous burden on the family’s finances, and a grant from NOVA helped them achieve their mobility goals. A wheelchair accessible vehicle will make it possible for them to easily transport the children to their numerous medical appointments while taking the physical strain off of their backs, which will allow them to remain healthy caregivers! Thank you to Silver Cross Automotive in London, ON for your work in assessing this family’s needs and helping them select their Savaria conversion.


Having a modified vehicle that meets our needs means a lot to my family and I. It’ll make getting out and about easier because I wouldn’t have to lift my 5 yr old and 2 yr old in and out of their car seat; instead we would just get them in the van in their specialized strollers. We would also have extra space to carry items that the kids need while on the road.

Thank you for making it possible. - Masoodah


21-year-old Hanna was born with cerebral palsy and numerous other medical conditions which rendered her disabled and in need of total care from her parents. After both parents began to develop physical ailments, they were no longer able to transfer Hanna and her wheelchair into their unmodified vehicle. Hanna loves to be on the go and get out of the house, especially to Home Depot! Her parents did not want her to sacrifice going on the outings that she so greatly enjoyed, so they purchased a van that could be converted into a wheelchair accessible vehicle. They needed some help in securing the remaining funds needed for the wheelchair lift and mobility products, and a grant from NOVA allowed them to bridge the funding gap and achieve their dreams of mobility. It was a long process, but I think Hanna is pleased with the final result! Thank you to MobilityWorks in Parkville, MD for working with this family to select the NorCal conversion that would best meet their needs.


Dear NOVA/National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility,

WOW!!!!!  That is my feeling about the new accessible van and the grant from NOVA.  I am so grateful for being selected as a grant recipient.  NOVA helped make my life caring for my disabled daughter that much easier.  My daughter, Hanna, and I can now hop around town so easy with the modified van.  Hanna has so much visibility out the windows and she enjoys so much just riding around, it’s like she is Cleopatra in her own personalized chariot.  We are so excited about where our modified van may take us in the future.

I want to again thank NOVA for their help.  It is organizations and people like NOVA who make a difference.  You made a difference in our life and we are so grateful for being selected.

Thanks again,



From left to right - Grandma Mary, Joshua, Sister Mary, Dad Dino, and Personal Mobility Owner Gerry Davis

21-year-old Joshua experienced some serious challenges in finding accessible transportation that could get him to his college classes on time. His family had a 14-year-old van with a wheelchair ramp that his sister drove to take him to classes. Unfortunately, not only did the van develop costly transmission and engine problems, but the lift dropped several times while Josh was on it in his wheelchair…talk about scary! We’re so glad that Joshua is now in a safe, reliable vehicle and can make it to all of his classes. Thank you to Personal Mobility in Peoria, IL for helping Joshua and his family select the BraunAbility conversion to best meet their needs and to Q’Straint for their generous product donation that will help them safely secure his wheelchair.

My family and I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the funding. Being able to obtain a safe transportation vehicle with a customized ramp is greatly appreciated. Two reasons for the needed vehicle conversion ramp: 1) transportation to pursue my college degree and 2) ability to use this vehicle to pursue my driver’s license in the near future. I saw video clips of the BraunAbility production facility and it was amazing what goes into a conversion ramp. Thank you again! 



Dean’s life changed forever in 1989 when he fell from a haywagon.  The fall resulted in a broken neck which left him with a quadriplegic injury.  Years of rehab and therapy have helped him regain some use of his left side, but transferring independently into a vehicle that was not wheelchair accessible posed a threat to these gains and his independence if he were to fall again.  Dean worked to save as much money as he could to purchase a van that would accommodate his wheelchair, and a grant from NOVA helped him achieve his mobility freedom. Thank you to Cummings Mobility in Albertville, MN for helping Dean select the BraunAbility conversion for his van that would best meet his needs.

Being selected to be funded with a grant from NOVA has meant more to me than I can really put into words. I could  not believe it when I opened my email on May 12th and was notified. Without your generous help to bridge the gap in the cost to have a BraunAbility conversion done to my van it would not have been possible. With this new wheelchair accessible van I can live a life beyond just simply existing. It will open up so many new opportunities to me. I can attend concerts, sporting events, and other social events. I can travel to visit family and friends. I can do my own shopping and can get to my medical appointments on time without the hassles of public transportation systems. It will greatly improve my personal safety and make things much better for me. I have been very impressed with how organized and professional the whole process has been from the online application to the returned emails. I am looking forward to having many good years of service from this vehicle. Thank you again. I hope someday I can donate back to your foundation in some way.  Sincerely, Dean




Preston and Ruby

Preston is one happy man!








Preston refuses to let medical complications and setbacks keep him isolated from the outside world. Protecting his wife, Ruby,  from injury was also a high priority. Mobility Consultant Alex Cordero of MobilityWorks helped Preston and Ruby select a wheelchair accessible van with a VMI conversion that would best meet their needs.  A grant from NOVA helped them secure the remaining funds they needed to get them back on the road to mobility freedom.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for the desperately needed assistance afforded me in order to purchase a mobility assisted vehicle.  The grant provided by NOVA has made a big difference in our being able to obtain this vehicle.  It is so wonderful that there is an organization like NOVA out there to help persons who are in need of assistance. In the short time that I have had use of this vehicle, it has proven to be a great asset for my wife and I.  Now I actually look forward to going places, since I feel that I am not as much of a burden on my wife.   This grant has helped provide me with a reliable vehicle in which I can have more independence and is designed with my specific needs in mind.  I am thoroughly going to enjoy my mobility transportation equipment.

Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude for your organization.  Thank you very much.





Peace, Love and Harmony

Getting 43-year-old Muna into and out of the car was no easy task for her older parents. Her father, Ghazi, found that there are many organizations in Canada that provide financial assistance for vehicle modifications if the child is under 18 years old. Unfortunately, the assistance is very limited for adult dependent children. A grant from NOVA provided them the remaining amount that they needed to bridge the funding gap and achieve their mobility goals, and a generous product donation from our friends at Q’Straint ensured that Muna can ride safe and secure. We also want to thank Mobility Consultant Hilary Brock with Goldline Mobility & Conversions for all of her assistance in helping this family find the product that will best meet their needs.
We are praying thank you to God for the help of your good self and the NOVA association for financial assistance to make our dream come true.  The wheelchair accessible modification for my disabled daughter Muna will help ease her transportation to all medical appointments and social gatherings.  THANK YOU…THANK YOU…AND THANK YOU HUNDREDS OF TIMES FOR THIS GENEROUS GRANT THAT OUR FAMILY WILL NOT EVER FORGET.  Please accept our greetings and appreciation to the NOVA Association.
Best Wishes and Regards,





             Emile and his family

Getting in and out of their minivan that was not wheelchair accessible became quite a difficult task for Emile following amputations to both lower extremities. His wife, Catherine, was committed to getting him to his numerous medical appointments even though the heavy lifting would often leave her in pain and immobile due to her own physical limitations. Their daughter, Angela, helped her parents apply for a grant from NOVA. When they received their award letter, Angela told us “My father is not one to show his emotions, and not many things excite him these days.  However, after learning of the grant, I must say that he has an extra pep in his step - or should I say, extra stroll in his roll (wheelchair humor - sorry).  Anyway, he hasn’t cried in front of us yet, but that may change once he is actually in the van and getting some use of it. 🙂 Either way,  I think the idea of more mobility has him “seeing stars” as I  haven’t seen him this happy in quite a while.  All thanks to you all.
After the delivery of their wheelchair accessible minivan, Angela wrote us another nice letter with an update:

Like many recipients of the NOVA grant, words cannot express how thankful and appreciative my family and I are for allowing us to receive this generous gift.  Because of you, we were able to purchase a safe and affordable accessible

Emile and daughter Angela are ready to hit the road

van for transporting my 75 year old father to his many doctors appointments, and now other places he could not (or would not) go before regaining his mobility.  I knew that a new mode of transportation would make his travels easier, but I was not expecting a much more upbeat personality so quickly.   Yet, it was wonderful seeing my father excited again, eager to venture out of the home not having to worry about maneuvering his manual chair or transferring in and out of the vehicle. And now my mother can feel more at ease since she doesn’t have to lift his chair or push him up and down our ramp.  All she has to do is open the liftgate, secure my father’s power chair, and be on their way to their next appointment!  It can be easily overlooked how losing such freedom affects one’s overall well being. Plus the financial hardships of finding accessible equipment can be overwhelming.  But I no longer take this freedom or experience for granted.  This foundation’s grant, coupled with the hard work of those at Adaptive Driving Access, has helped to overcome some of these challenges. And I now, and will continue, to let others know about the NOVA Foundation so they too may help assist those with mobility needs in any way possible.

Many thanks to Angela for her dedication in assisting her parents through this process and for sharing their wonderful stories!


Stefanie with her partner-in-crime, Kaz

Once this amazing young woman sets her mind on something, there is nothing that will stop her from achieiving her goals. Congratulations on the recent achievement of your mobility goals, Stefanie! Check out the video links she shared below highlighting some of her recent accomplishments. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her next!

I was injured in 2009 (Spinal Cord Injury C5 Complete) at the age of 24 and despite this set back I have tried to excel in my life completing my Masters degree in Advertising in 2014.  I have wanted for a long while to be able to drive myself so that I can be more independent and not have to rely on others for simple transportation.  Now that I am driving the new van these past few days, I feel such an immense joy and freedom it is indescribable.  I sit thinking in awe of all of the things I will be able to do now.  Even simple things that people take for granted.

I am a frequent spokesman for Canine Companions, the organization that provided me with my service dog, and I have worked as a volunteer with Google in product development: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpU8fB7rLtI

I’ll bet Kaz calls shotgun!

I also am a competitive horse driver and represented the US in the Para-Equestrian World Championships in 2016 (totally funded by donations and wonderful foundations such as yours): https://vimeo.com/204979920/ef307f877a 

Stefanie and her wonderful Mobility Consultant, Lillie Williams

I look forward with great anticipation and excitement to my continuing, incredible journey and especially being able to drive a car after 7 long years of waiting!  I think the horse carriage driving has prepared me well!!  I want to bring my message of hope and inspiration to others. Being more independent will help enormously. Your generosity and assistance with the cost of the Braun ramp has given me the wings to fly!

THANK YOU!!  Stefanie 




Elena and Victor are all smiles showing off their new ride!

Elena and her 20-year-old son, Victor live every day to the fullest and choose to focus on ability rather than disability. Victor’s complex medical needs inspired single mom Elena to return to school and become a Licensed Practical Nurse. This gave her the confidence and ability to provide her son with the very best care which he deserves. After being diagnosed and successfully treated for her own medical complications two years ago, Elena set her sights on purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle in order to improve their quality of life. A grant from NOVA helped them achieve this goal and now there’s nothing holding them back! Sending a very special thank you to our friends at EZ Lock who made a donation that will ensure Victor rides safely and securely.

Victor and Elena with Mobility Consultant Extraordinaire, Cassy Churchill

My son has a severe case of Cerebral Palsy that has left him wheelchair-bound, nonverbal, developmentally delayed, tracheostomy, and gastrostomy dependent. However,  he is not aware of his limitations. He wants to go places, do exciting things and be among people. I dedicated my life to encourage and nurture his zest for life. Unfortunately, sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, no matter how hard we try we cannot achieve our goals. This is where your organization stepped in. With your generous donation, we were able to modify our new van. To me, this means one less worry, but for my son, this means Life, Joy, Freedom, Friends… This means that he will again feel a belonging to this world, he will feel again like one of us and again he will be part of the “action”. As for the world: maybe the world will see in the smile of my child that joy can be simple and pure, acceptance can be unconditional, and there is the ability in every disability… and maybe the world will be a better place for having my son in it.

Please accept our deepest, most sincere gratitude for making this possible. - Elena and Victor





Kyler with his mom (Amy), grandpa (Marvin) and Mobility Consultant Gary Wilson

Eight-year-old Kyler was diagnosed with a rare disease called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome which is a chromosomal disorder. He relies on his mom, Amy, for all of his needs. Amy is a single mom with Fibromyalgia who was often unable to lift Kyler into their old non-adapted van. With most of the funding in place, they needed the remaining balance to secure the purchase of their wheelchair accessible van. A grant from NOVA bridged the funding gap and allowed them to achieve their mobility goal.

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to your organization for awarding Kyler and I this grant. The CompanionVan Plus conversion that we picked out makes it so much easier to get out for dinner and back and forth to Doctor’s appointments. With your help, I could afford the purchase of an accessible van that I never thought would be possible. Life is going to be so much easier due to the generosity of your organization. Thank you does not seem like it is enough. Sincerely, Amy and Kyler


Michelle looks comfy in her new Bruno Valet transfer seat!


When Michelle applied for a grant from NOVA, she wrote that she was in need of a transfer seat because she was worried about her mom, Maria. She told us that Maria had to pick her up to get her in and out of the car and she was concerned that her mom was going to hurt her back. The Bruno Valet seat offers an affordable option for those with mobility needs who do not have a wheelchair accessible vehicle, and it has made transfers much easier for Maria and Michelle. Check out this video to see how the transfer seat works:


Tina is all smiles in her new wheelchair accessible van!

What’s better than receiving a grant from NOVA to complete the purchase of your wheelchair accessible minivan? How about also receiving grants from the Spina Bifida Association of KY and Superior Van & Mobility, as well as a generous donation from our friends at Q’Straint for easy to use wheelchair tiedowns! We all feel the effect of aging, but when arthritis and osteoporosis compound the physical limitations caused by spina bifida, mobility becomes quite a challenge. Tina will no longer have to worry about scheduling a ride in a community van (that may or may not show up on time) days or weeks in advance to make it to medical appointments.

From left to right: Ella (Tina’s mom), Erin Gillespie with Spina Bifida Association of KY, Mobility Consultant Grace Sweger, and Tina

I’d like to send my deepest heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the $5,000 grant you gave us. It helped us a lot. With the van we feel so free to do the things we enjoy doing, such as going to church, Dr. appointments, shopping, and getting out in our community. We made a trip to our niece’s for Thanksgiving. It was so easy on all of us. As Tina’s parents and being 81 years and 74 years of age, we didn’t have any problems transporting Tina. Everyone was so pleased to see that she was so free to travel. Tina said it feels like she was out of jail. I truly understand as I’m her caregiver. Sincerely yours, Ella (Tina’s mom)





Sales and Service Manager for Kansas Truck Mobility in Wichita, KS Chris Walden shared the following article with us about Bailey and her grandma, Betty:

New Van Assures Safe Travel to the Zoo and the Family’s Thanksgiving Dinner

WICHITA, KS (12/16/2016) “A trip to the zoo,” is one of the first excursions Betty, Jamestown, KS, and her sixteen-year-old granddaughter, Bailey, have planned. They took delivery of their wheelchair accessible van today at Kansas Truck Mobility, Wichita, KS, thanks, in part, to The Ralph Braun Foundation (now NOVA). Betty, who works a full time job and has full time custody of both Bailey and her thirteen-year-old sister, said their old van just couldn’t be repaired. Her hand was forced, she said, to find reliable transportation.

“I can’t afford to be out in the middle of nowhere and have car trouble,” she said. Betty had knee surgery this past summer, so physically lifting Bailey out of her wheelchair and into the van by herself wasn’t possible anymore. “Our new van means we can go and do what we want and not have to wait until someone can come over and help us,” Martin added. She said she and her granddaughters go everywhere. Bailey especially enjoys going to school (12 miles away in Concordia, KS), singing, shopping, visiting zoos, and attending Kenny Chesney concerts. “With this new van, we’ll be able to go to a family Thanksgiving dinner,” she added.

Bailey was born with myotonic dystrophy, a genetic disorder that affects muscle function.

Bailey and her grandma Betty with Sales and Service Manager Chris Walden


David with his beautiful family: son, Nathan; wife, Michelle; daughter, Allison

Loving husband and father, David, has dealt with many medical downward spirals over the past several years. His family worked diligently to raise as much money as they could to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle which would allow them to go on outings as a family and get David to his medical appointments. He applied for our grant to complete the final amount needed to achieve their mobility goal.

Thank you for the grant received from your organization. This grant allowed us to purchase the wheelchair accessible van for which we had been raising funds. My multiple sclerosis has taken a lot of freedom away from me, and the ability to get this van will allow me the freedom to go back and forth to my medical appointments, family gatherings and school events without scheduling a ride weeks out.  My family is grateful to your organization for easing our minds of this stress and be able to be together in the same car as a family. 

Sincerely, David and Family


Maggie says “Let’s go Grandpa!”

It has certainly been a tough year for Maggie, but with the love and devotion of her grandparents she will go all of the places a five-year-old girl needs and wants to go!

My daughter was involved in a fatal automobile accident on January 5, 2016. Both our granddaughters survived but Maggie 4yrs old at the time sustained multiple injuries including a cervical fracture. She spent 112 days in Vanderbilt’s Children Hospital ICU ad 37 days in Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. She was given a 60% chance of any use of her upper extremities. She was blessed and beat the odds. But unfortunately she was not able to use her lower extremities. After being discharged from the hospital she had 3 to 5 Doctors and therapy treatments each week for the next six months. Unfortunately the medical transportation companies had a very difficult time covering her schedule. She had missed up to 3 appointments each week. A friend told us about your organization.  After receiving the grant we were finally able to purchase this beautiful Honda van from Superior Van and Mobility in Louisville, KY. We can now make our appointments and be free from being stuck at the house. We can now also attend Thanksgiving and Christmas with the whole family.  With the help from Todd Winchester and Mrs Andrea Vrobel we are 100% pleased with this whole transaction.  From the beginning of this whole thing we have had nothing but a happy experience from Mrs Andrea Vrobel, Todd Winchester and David Yount (Brandl Mobility Finance).  Many thanks to Q’Straint too for donating the wheelchair tiedowns. Maggie’s world is now turned around in the right direction and even under her condition she is one happy girl again. A BIG THANKS for all that helped . - Nelson (Maggie’s Grandpa)



Forrest is ready for a ride on his new lift! Celebrating with his mom, Karen (left) and Mobility Consultant, Lisa Morin (right)

When Karen began fostering Forrest at eight months old, she knew she would do whatever it took to make sure he received the medical care he needed and quality of life he deserved. After celebrating his adoption two years ago, Karen began the journey to obtain the mobility products that would allow her to take him to his numerous medical appointments and therapies. Forrest was fitted with a customized wheelchair which made ground transportation easier, but the next step was an accessible vehicle to safely and easily transport him in his new wheelchair (which is quite heavy!). With the initial funding secured, Karen was seeking assistance to bridge the funding gap for the remaining balance in order to make their mobility dreams come true…we are thrilled we could help them achieve this goal!

Thanks to the contribution from The Ralph Braun Foundation (now NOVA), my son Forrest can now get to his doctor and therapy appointments much easier. The lift has made life much easier. We can now go places without someone having to be with us. We plan on going to visit Santa for his first time, and we can now go to the park or wherever we desire. We really love the lift and appreciate your help. My heartfelt thanks to you - Karen

Brandon and Joshua

Brandon, Joshua and Caroline

Brothers Brandon, 27, and Joshua, 21, are fortunate to have such an awesome little sister who wouldn’t give up until their mobility dreams came true!

We are all extremely thankful for the grant we received from The Ralph Braun Foundation (now NOVA) to assist with the final funding of our wheelchair accessible minivan modification. As the younger sister of two older brothers, it’s difficult to see them struggle every day with mobility issues. They both have a progressive neuromuscular disease which has slowly taken away much of their physical abilities, but they always have a smile and much resilience.

Two years ago when I was preparing to leave for college, I just knew I had to try to do something for my family. I began our intense fundraising efforts with a GoFundMe page, which led to a benefit golf outing by our wonderful friends, nine different yard sales from donated items, and many generous donations from friends and family. Our dream was to not have to transfer them into the van but allow them to drive right in and go places together once again. Finally seeing this dream come together is absolutely wonderful! “Now we can go together anywhere at any time we want”, Brandon said. My brother Josh is really looking forward to going places with his girlfriend, and “finally” not being dependent on us to push him around in his manual wheelchair. It’s a true blessing! What a difference this will make in their lives!

Many sincere thanks to The Ralph Braun Foundation (NOVA) and to Q’Straint for the set of retractable tie downs they donated to us.




Elsie and Rupert are thrilled to be back on the road in their new BraunAbility conversion thanks to the help of mobility consultant, Todd Slates


Rupert and his mom, Elsie, have endured a great deal of challenges recently including loss of loved ones and medical complications. When the engine went out on their old van and could not be repaired, Rupert and Elsie were not only unable to make it to their many medical appointments but they were also stripped of the ability to engage in their community. Their church family was a source of strength and encouragement for them but without accessible transportation, their worship has had to take place at home watching services on TV. As the single mother of a 27-year-old adult child with a disability, Elsie must provide total care for all of Rupert’s needs and it is vital that she also attend to her own physical and emotional health. Working with her church and other organizations, she was able to obtain the initial funds needed for a wheelchair accessible minivan. A $5,000 grant from NOVA bridged the remaining funding gap, allowing them to regain their mobility freedom. In a touching thank you letter from Elsie, she wrote:

I would like to take this time to thank you and each person who made the selection possible for assistance with the financial grant award toward Rupert’s new vehicle conversion. Thank you for understanding and knowing the always continuous ongoing care, love, attention and assistance twenty-four hours a day that we parents continue to provide for our extraordinary, exceptional children. The award has made both of our lives easier, more convenient, safer and happier.

Gracefully, Rupert & Elsie



Greg with his parents Stephen and Susan, twin sister Sandi, and Mobility Consultant Sam Smyth

Lifting 72 lb. Greg in and out of the family’s unmodified SUV was a two person job for his parents Susan and Stephen. The ability for one parent to take Greg out for a medical appointment or to run errands was out of the question while the other was at work. The day program that Greg attends provides transportation which allows him to participate in the peer interaction, skill building experiences, and community interactions that brings him such joy. Unfortunately, budget cuts that would eliminate this service are a very real concern for this family. When Susan and Stephen met with mobility consultant Sam Smyth at Advanced Wheels of Technology, they were thrilled to find a wheelchair accessible vehicle that would meet their needs. While the cost seemed financially daunting, a grant from The Ralph Braun Foundation/NOVA allowed them to achieve this mobility goal. Our friends at Q’Straint also assisted the family to guarantee that they had the wheelchair tiedown belts that would allow them to quickly and easily secure Greg’s wheelchair to transport him safely.

Ready to hit the road!

On behalf of our son, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude. We are looking forward to the flexibility of travel whether it be a short trip to an appointment or the ease of mobility in venturing to an extended family excursion. We will never forget what your foundation has done, together with the invaluable assistance that we received from Advanced Wheels of Technology. They led us to your foundation and we couldn’t be more satisfied with their service and guidance with our quest to acquire a modified vehicle. We appreciate your immeasurable generosity and the tireless work you do to financially assist the disabled community with mobility needs. We thank you for the bottom of our hearts. - Stephen and Susan




Brayden with his parents Kristi & Matt enjoying their new BraunAbility rear entry conversion

10-year-old Brayden may have mobility challenges due to spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, but that has not kept him from wanting what most 10-year-old boys desire…to be more independent and social in his community. Brayden enjoys school and is already thinking about attending college.  His parents, Matt & Kristi, have unfortunately begun to experience problems with their shoulders, back and knees making transfers very difficult and potentially unsafe for them and Brayden.  Now that he requires a power wheelchair, they have not had the ability to transport it with them and have had to leave it at home, decreasing Brayden’s ability to be independent outside of the home.

For those of you who attended our Rock On to Roll On fundraiser this year, you might recognize this family. They had recently been awarded a grant from The Ralph Braun Foundation and their van had been sent to BraunAbility for the conversion at the time of the event. Our friends at Superior Van & Mobility were generous in donating the use of a wheelchair accessible rental van for the weekend in order to allow the family to attend and bring Brayden along for the fun with his power wheelchair. Kristi gave a very moving presentation sharing their journey to mobility freedom and how this grant helped them bridge the gap to independence.

Dear Ralph Braun Foundation,

Thank you so much for approving our request for assistance with our rear-entry van conversion. It definitely means the world to us to be able to safely transport our growing son and be able to have his power chair with him. This allows him to have an independence he didn’t often have in the community prior to now because he can operate his power chair independently, rather than having to be pushed in his adaptive stroller when distances became too long for him to manage in his walker.

We look forward to the adventures to come that this van conversion will allow our family!

With sincerest thanks,

Matt, Kristi & Brayden



Zakery & Lexi

Lexi & Zakery (front row) with Mobility Consultant Keith Carlson, parents Brian & Kyle, and brothers Mason & Cooper

Firefighters Brian & Kyle work hard to keep their community safe, and they work just as hard at making sure their 14-year-old twins are able to be an active part of the community.  Zakery & Lexi entered this world 15 weeks early and both were diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, followed by countless procedures and surgeries. This has not stopped them from being happy children who are a joy to their family. Brian & Kyle’s goal is to provide as many opportunities for their children as possible, including programs for children with special needs, therapies, medical appointments, special events, school, and even daily errands.  With two children in wheelchairs, it was very difficult to safely lift them both into the vehicle and also be able to load both wheelchairs. A wheelchair accessible vehicle will allow them to easily and safely take all of their kids out into the community as a family. They worked with Keith Carlson at United Access in Lenexa, KS to select the vehicle and lift that was the best fit for their family. They shared the following note with us explaining how their new BraunAbility lift will provide their family with new opportunities:

Thank you Ralph Braun Foundation. Having two children in wheelchairs as you can imagine is difficult. Just the simplest idea of getting the family out for pleasure, not to mention daily life can be challenging and back breaking. Having this vehicle that allows both children to be in their wheelchairs will allow us to be more mobile, adventurous, and safe. Thank you so much for your generosity. This was a huge help for our family of six. Sincerely - Brian, Kyle, Zakery, Lexi, Cooper & Mason


Braeden is all smiles in his new BraunAbility conversion with mom, Jessica, and siblings Ruben & Leila


















When Jessica purchased a van and planned to have it modified to accommodate her son’s wheelchair, she had no idea of the additional cost required for this conversion. She began reaching out to other organizations in her community for assistance and was directed to The Ralph Braun Foundation to help with the remaining 25% needed to achieve their mobility goal. A generous donation from our friends at Q’Straint ensured that Braeden would be transported easily and safely. Now 11-year-old Braeden. who suffered a stroke in utero, can go to all of the same places as his twin brother Ruben and little sister Leila!  Jessica wrote us the following letter of appreciation to let us know how much mobility freedom means for their family.

I am writing to let you know how thankful I am for you all to help my family. We are so happy to have our van modified for Braeden’s wheelchair, it is like we finally have freedom to go anywhere!!! It’s  so easy and not frustrating getting out. We are so excited and forever grateful!!! Before I was almost dropping Braeden trying to get him into the van because he is getting very heavy. I AM SO GLAD WE NO LONGER HAVE THAT ISSUE. THANKS AGAIN!!! - Jessica and family 


Herman (right) with his son (left) and Mobility Consultant Mike Smith (center) at Superior Van & Mobility

Herman (right) can’t wait to take his son for a spin in his new BraunAbility wheelchair accessible van!








Herman is a fun-loving, energetic 70-year-old gentleman who was diagnosed at the age of nine with familiar progressive spastic paraplegia, a condition which three of his four sons have also been diagnosed. As indicated in the name, this is a progressive condition which has resulted in the need for Herman to use his power scooter the majority of the time. When he was no longer able to participate in his volunteer duties at church, independently go to medical appointments or complete regular day-to-day activities, he realized that a wheelchair accessible vehicle is what he would need to regain his independence. He had saved the majority of the funds required for this purchase, but still needed the remaining balance to bridge this gap and achieve his goal. A grant from The Ralph Braun Foundation helped Herman make his dreams of mobility freedom a reality.

Words can’t express how grateful I am for the grant. If it were not for The Ralph Braun Foundation I would not have been able to afford this van. This van will make things easier for me to get around. My condition is worsening so I will not be able to use my crutches as much and will have to depend on my scooter. This van will make it easier getting in and out of the van. I am tickled to death with this purchase. Many thanks! - Herman



Stassney with Mobility Consultant Lisa Morin (left), her mom Michele (center) and her grandmother Susan (right)
























19-year-old Stassney is a petite girl, but at 88 lbs it was becoming difficult for her mom, Michele, and grandma, Susan, to lift her into her car seat. Stassney was born with microcephaly and was diagnosed at the age of 2 with cerebral palsy. These conditions left her wheelchair bound and fully dependent for all of her care. Fortunately, the minivan that Michele owned was able to be modified with a BraunAbility conversion, and Susan worked diligently to raise the funds needed to help her daughter with this purchase. With a grant from The Ralph Braun Foundation and additional assistance from our friends at EZ Lock and Advanced Mobility Systems of Texas, this family has achieved their dream of mobility!

When I read your email I was so over whelmed with joy I started crying and haven’t stop yet.  A simple thank you is so small for the enormous gift this will be for us.  This will truly be life changing for Stassney and Me.  Thank you, it is sincerely appreciated. - Michele and Susan





Braden showing off his new BraunAbility van along with mom (Sarah), sister (Carly) and Mobility Consultant Gary Wilson


The Ralph Braun Foundation was first contacted by General Manager and Mobility Consultant at United Access in Champaign, IL, Gary Wilson,  sharing Braden’s story.  Braden is a 14-year-old young man who was diagnosed with the neurological disorders Dystonia and Mitochondrial Disorder, as well as Auditory Neuropathy.  While he currently uses a manual wheelchair, he will soon be moving into a power wheelchair which will allow him the ability to keep up with his friends and participate in activities that other teenagers enjoy.  When Braden’s mom, Sarah, submitted their grant application she wrote “Braden is a wonderful, bright, funny and beautiful teenager.  He is so much more than what is written about him in his overly thick medical file.  His spirit, adaptability, and motivation is contagious.  I often wonder who needs who the most.”  The assistance received from our grant program, along with a generous contribution from our friends at Q’Straint, helped Sarah and Braden gain the remaining funds needed to achieve their mobility goals.  The smile on this handsome young man’s face is the best thank you we could receive!  Sarah wrote us this letter expressing how the things that many of us take for granted are monumental for their family:

The opportunity the accessible van has allowed Braden to do is be able to go into places and not having to ask. I no longer have to put together his chair and transfer him in and out. To some this may not seem like a big deal but at 14 years old Braden has grown into a young man.

He has freedom now on a completely different level. The first thing Braden wanted to do once we got the van is go into the local grocery store. Many times I have just ran a quick errand for an item or two while he has waited. This is a freedom we quite often take for granted but for Braden it is life changing. It may seem silly but as a mom I’m still in awe of watching Braden experience this. I am so very thankful and he is too. - Sarah & Braden





Freja with her parents, Robert and Anette


After 22 years of active duty in the US Army, Robert decided to retire in order to spend more time with his wife and six children.  His 10-year-old daughter, Freja (pronounced FRY-a), was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and requires full time care to meet all of her needs.  Her parents were unable to load her wheelchair into their sedan which meant that when they took her out, she had to be carried because they did not have her wheelchair with them to easily take her into the community.  As one could imagine, this became quite difficult as she grew and Freja’s trips outside of the home became nearly impossible.  Katie Walter, the family’s Mobility Consultant at MobilityWorks, referred them to The Ralph Braun Foundation and they were selected for a grant which allowed this family to bridge the funding gap that had prevented them from achieving their mobility goals.  They are now on the road in their new BraunAbility van.  A very special thank you to Robert for his service to our country!

“The Ralph Braun Foundation’s generous grant has given us the ability to purchase this adaptive van from Mobility Works in Richmond, VA. Now we are able to travel with our daughter. She can now travel to church, as well as many other places, with us. When making plans to do things with all of our children, we no longer have to leave our daughter Freja at home. Our entire family can now travel together. We would like to thank The Ralph Braun Foundation for the freedom and possibilities that this has provided us!” - Robert & Anette


Kinsley with her parents, Rebecca and Bradley















Kinsley is a loving, cheerful girl who loves being on the go.  After suffering a stroke in-utero which resulted in extensive brain damage and spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy, her life has been filled with numerous medical and therapy appointments. Her family worked with Todd Winchester at Superior Van & Mobility in Louisville, KY to find the perfect van with a VMI conversion to meet their needs. Thanks to Q’Straint for their contribution to ensure that Kinsely is safely secured.

Kinsley’s mom, Rebecca, shared with us a little about their journey to mobility freedom:  

The time had come and we knew we had to make a change. At 70 pounds and over 4 feet tall, it was becoming increasingly difficult to safely transfer our 9 year old daughter in and out of our unmodified van. Between school and therapies, we were averaging at least 6 transfers a day. It was hard not only for us physically, but for Kinsley as well as we struggled to transfer her from wheelchair to car seat. We had been looking at vans with a ramp conversion, but were unsure how we would afford the options we needed. The Ralph Braun Foundation and the grant we received were an answer to our prayer! The van we were able to purchase is perfect for Kinsley and our family. She loves being able to stay in her wheelchair, going up and down the ramp and helping buckle her seatbelt. From the very first day we drove the van, we experienced a new freedom! We had stopped going places because we were worn out physically and it was too difficult to get Kinsley in and out. Kinsley is a social butterfly and loves to be out and about. It is now possible thanks to your foundation, who help people achieve that freedom of mobility. We are forever grateful that you saw our situation and decided to help change our lives! Many thanks.

Kinsley and her parents with Todd Winchester, Mobility Consultant at Superior Van & Mobillity

Look how happy Kinsley is in her new van! Dad looks pretty happy too…



Cameron looks comfy in his new Bruno Valet seat!

Amanda (mom) and Dennis, COO of Total Mobility Services










Six-year-old Cameron is an active first grader who loves playing with his friends. He was born with spina bifida and he works very hard in physical therapy to stay strong. As he grew, it became more difficult for him to climb into his seat from the floorboard and for his parents to lift him into the vehicle. A successful local fundraiser raised just over 75% of the money they needed to purchase a Bruno Valet transfer seat. Cameron’s mom, Amanda, applied for our mobility assistance grant and was awarded the remainder of the funds needed to make their dream a reality.

We are so thankful to The Braun Foundation for making this possible. We are loving how independent Cameron is in his new adapted van. The seat allows for independence and control for Cameron and it allows his parents the ease of not lifting him into the car. We would not have been able to do this with out their help and we are eternally grateful!  Thank you!



Mobility Consultant Bill Obenaus of Ability Center, Jackelyn, Viula, and sister Joselyn

Jackelyn’s mom, Viula, realized the day had come for a wheelchair accessible vehicle when Jackelyn experienced a seizure while being transferred into their unmodified minivan. This seizure (which occurs 60-80 times a day) resulted in both mother and daughter falling and required hospitalization for injuries sustained. With an injured back, Viula (who is also Jackelyn’s full-time caregiver) was not certain how she would be able to transport her daughter to the many medical appointments she must attend. Jackelyn is 16-years-old and was diagnosed at the age of two with cerebral palsy and epilepsy with drop attack seizures.

The community-based regional center in their area provided funding for close to 75% of the money they needed for a BraunAbility conversion, and a grant from The Ralph Braun Foundation gave them the remaining 25% they needed to make their mobility dreams come true.

On behalf of my family and I, we want to take the time to thank you The Ralph Braun Foundation for granting us the grant, which helped me complete my dream, a van with a ramp. The grant means so much to me because now I will no longer have a difficult time to be transported to my destination. This grant has been a tremendous blessing to me! Without this amazing opportunity, my mother would still have to be lifting me up from my wheelchair to the car seat. I enjoy going to church, the park, family outings, and now it is more enjoyable!! It was always a difficult task when it was time to get me into my van, sometimes the seizures would drop me while being transferred. Now, having this van makes me feel safe and secure when going to my doctor’s appointments and outings. I will now be able to use my electric chair, which excites me! With gratitude I once again thank The Ralph Braun Foundation for making my dream come true.  Sincerely, Jackelyn



Cynthia, Tim, and Terry Chleboun, General Manager at Performance Mobility

Tim has faced many health challenges throughout his life, but he never let these obstacles slow him down. Before ADA was enacted, he was told he could never attend Georgia Tech in a wheelchair. He proudly proved his doubters wrong and graduated with a degree in architecture. He worked in this field for many years and was successful in starting own company, until multiple surgeries resulted in the amputation of his left leg and other medical complications. This left him dependent on his wife, Cynthia, for assistance transferring into and out of their vehicle.  Since Cynthia works full time as a teacher, Tim was isolated at home without the possibility of leaving his house. He and Cynthia worked to pull together most of the funding needed to purchase a wheelchair accessible van with a VMI conversion and reached out to The Ralph Braun Foundation to help bridge the gap in achieving their mobility goal. Tim has now regained his independence and is driving himself to doctor appointments, coffee or lunch with friends, and community activities.

Unfortunately, my most recent surgery two and a half years ago was to amputate my left leg due to a raging staph infection that threatened to take my life. I’m not a candidate for a prosthesis due to many factors:  my right left has a contracture that limits my ability to straighten it, and the risk of injury due to falling is too great. That leaves me confined to a wheelchair. Since the amputation, my lack of independence and spending every day in isolation by being home without even the possibility of leaving my house has left me dealing with depression. A visit with the professionals at Performance Mobility changed everything when they introduced me to the technology of handicap conversion vans. The technology allows me access to the van and to the driver’s seat which allows me to regain my independence. - Tim



Jerry with Mobility Consultant, Jeanette DiGirolamo at MobilityWorks

Virginia was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis fourteen years ago and the progression of this disease significantly impacted her ability to walk over the years.  She now relies on a wheelchair for all mobility.  Her husband Jerry was no longer able to easily lift her into and out of their vehicle and the transfers began to take a toll on Jerry’s back.  This limited Virginia’s ability to visit with her children and grandchildren or go to church.  It also became difficult to even make it to needed medical appointments.  A grant from The Ralph Braun Foundation allowed them to qualify for a loan from their credit union for the remaining funds.  With their new BraunAbility wheelchair accessible van, Virginia and Jerry can once again enjoy time together with their family, friends and community.

Thank you to Ralph Braun Foundation for the much needed grant.  It will help to purchase the handicap van that will make big changes in my life.  Now, I will be able get to my doctor’s appointments , church AND visit my kids and grandkids.  




Briana and Matthew

Single mother of 14-year-old twins, Briana and Matthew, is so grateful for the ease of transporting her kids with their new BraunAbility conversion.

Janet, Matthew & Briana

Briana and Matthew riding comfortably with a friend

I have 14 year old twins that were born premature and with it came Cerebral Palsy.  Both Briana and Matthew can’t walk so I carry them in and out of their wheelchairs.  They each weigh over 90 lbs.  Going to outings was a huge task for both me and my twins.  When I had to go to the market, I had to take two wheelchairs out of my trunk then both of the twins out of their seats and onto wheelchairs and back again. One visit to the market took me eight times to load and unload.  This was exhausting and hard on my body, not to mention my spirit.  I was drained at the end of our trips.  Whenever we had to go somewhere, I’d think twice, three times before I could get started on the process and sometimes never went just to save us the trouble.

Now, thanks to The Ralph Braun Foundation, my family can enjoy adventures that once were tasks and difficult labors and turned them into real “fun adventures”.  I have to laugh when I feel there’s something missing because the twins are quickly in and fastened inside our new converted van and ready to go to our destination.  This is a wonderful feeling to have the freedom to ease in and out of the car.  People, total strangers who saw me lifting both my twins in and out of the car would come up to me and tell me they empathize for me.  I usually held back tears with a lump in my throat.

As I sit here and think back on all those in and out liftings, and think of how much easier it is for us, I thank God for good people like Mr. Braun and his foundation and everyone who made this miracle happen for my family.   Thank you again to The Ralph Braun Foundation.  I also want to extend my warm thank you to Steve Casaus at MobilityWorks in Pasadena.

With love, yours truly,




Braiden’s precious smile

Active little four-year-old Braiden is becoming more independent every day. He loves going to church and any extracurricular activities in which his big sister participates. It had become increasingly difficult for his parents to lift him into a car seat in the center of their vehicle, and they realized that a wheelchair accessible minivan was the best option for their family.  Thanks to grants from The Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky, The Ralph Braun Foundation, and a matching donation from Superior Van & Mobility, Braiden now has a BraunAbility conversion that offers him the freedom and independence needed to keep up with his big sister and their busy activity schedule.

It is worth more than I can describe as a mother to know my child is sitting comfortably and safely anytime we travel.

Top Photo: Grace (Superior Van & Mobility), BreeAnn (sister), Krista (mom), Robert (dad), and Erin (Spina Bifida Assoc of KY)




Five-year-old Sarah was born with a rare genetic condition which has caused her to be unable to sit, roll, crawl or walk. She has significant medical needs requiring a caregiver next to her at all times, including in the vehicle. This family’s community rallied to raise enough money to help them purchase a full size van, but they still needed some additional assistance to purchase a wheelchair lift.  Sarah’s family was awarded a grant from The Ralph Braun Foundation which allowed them to achieve their mobility goal in December 2015 and can now enjoy an improved quality of life.

Sarah with her parents, Brian & Cathy, and older brothers

The Ralph Braun Foundation Grant has meant so much to our family. We have been trying for years to get a van and this lift. This lift will bring freedom and ease to our family. It was impossible for us to lift her wheelchair into the vehicle without two people. So to take Sarah anywhere with only one of us was not possible. Also, it was very difficult to transfer Sarah with all of her equipment and tubes attached to her. It was a lengthy process to disconnect and reconnect everything. To be honest, it was a chore to take her somewhere and sometimes we opted not to, especially if it was a short trip. Mother-daughter shopping trips were not really an option. This lift makes it so much easier to take her, so now we can go shopping together and other short outings. We can also go on family trips because her wheelchair is inside and leaves the storage room for all of her equipment and our luggage.  It is also so much easier on our backs and this is only the beginning for us. As she grows, this lift will be even more invaluable to us and to our backs. We thank you so much for giving us the freedom to travel and making it easier for us to care for our daughter.




Nero with his mom, Charlene, and Charlie at Cummings Mobility

Single mom, Charlene, has waited a long time to purchase her own wheelchair accessible vehicle. Her 21-year-old son, Nero, has Ataxic Cerebral Palsy requiring the use of a wheelchair. His ability to participate in his community was limited without reliable, accessible transportation. After obtaining assistance through other local agencies and receiving donations, The Ralph Braun Foundation was able to help Charlene bridge the gap in achieving her mobility goal with the purchase of a BraunAbility conversion in December 2015.  Nero can now easily and safely participate in various day program activities in his community.

Thank you Ralph Braun Foundation for your commitment in helping disabled people with mobility challenges to obtain their independence thru Ralph Braun Mobility Grant Program.  We could not have completed the purchase of a conversion vehicle without Ralph Braun Financial assistance, for that, we are very grateful and thankful. Our initial 4-6 month search for a conversion vehicle was very gloomy. In reality it became utterly impossible financially, until I discovered Mobility Grant Program thru Ralph Braun Foundation. Now, we have reliable and SAFE means of transportation for my 21 yr old son with Cerebral Palsy.  Praise Ralph Braun Foundation for their action of commitment!  Sincerely, Charlene



Abigail and her family with Joe Butler at Quail Country Customs

After 15-year-old Abigail received a new power wheelchair, her mother Deborah was in desperate need of a wheelchair lift for their van in order to transport her daughter. Deborah also needed to prepare for the future needs of Abigail’s older sister, Savannah, who also has special needs and is at high risk for requiring the use of a wheelchair.  A grant from The Ralph Braun Foundation and a donation from EZ Lock allowed her family to complete the purchase of a new BraunAbility wheelchair lift in January 2016.

The foundation awarding this grant for the wheelchair lift is truly a blessing.   My daughter, Abigail will now be able to use her electric wheelchair when needing transportation for doctor appointments, out patient procedures, or hospitalizations which are located 200 miles from our home. Having a lift also allows Abigail to be transported in the safest manner, where as before this was installed,  a portable ramp was being used. The portable ramp is heavy. It is hard to use and dangerous too because it was not locked on to the van for stability. The wheelchair lift will also stop the physical wear my body has endured from having to physically help Abigail into and out of our van. Receiving this lift will enable Abigail to participate in more social activities of life verses being stuck in our home all the time.  

Thank you and your supporters for the gift of this award that has enabled the installation of the items needed to allow Abigail to become a happier kid by giving her freedom with her mobility needs.  Sincerely, Deborah


Sum Dong

Sum Dong was thrilled to receive his award letter from The Ralph Braun Foundation!

Sum Dong is on the road again! Pictured with his brother-in-law and General Manager of MobilityWorks in Skokie, Lenny

When Sum Dong underwent one of the first hip replacement surgeries in Korea over 35 years ago, his results were not as expected and left him dependent on the use of a wheelchair.  After his wheelchair accessible vehicle van broke down following many years of use and was beyond repair, he was unable to secure all of the funds needed to purchase a replacement.  With help from his church, his family and The Ralph Braun Foundation, Sum Dong is now back on the road to independence with his new BraunAbility conversion!

The opportunity to have my mobility back and drive again has meant so much to me.  I can now attend my support group for people with disabilities once a month.  I go to church every Saturday and Sunday.  I am able to go grocery shopping and to my doctor’s appointments by myself.  This has brought back my independence.  This summer I plan to go fishing every day.  This is one of my favorite hobbies.  I am so very grateful to be driving and to regain my independence.  Thank you so much for this opportunity.  I truly appreciate it.  Sincerely, Sum Dong



Tiara with her parents Tamera & George, and Mobility Consultant Steve at United Access

Sixteen-year-old Tiara was born with Cerebral Palsy.  As she grew, her parents were no longer able to safely lift her into and out of the car.  This prevented Tiara from attending the activities she loved, as well as needed physical therapy and doctor appointments.  With help from The Ralph Braun Foundation, the family were able to complete the purchase of an accessible minivan with a BraunAbility conversion:

We are so thankful for Ralph Braun’s help for my daughters van modification. This was truly a blessing for her. She can now go to her daily activities, and appointments safely. She loves to go bowling and to the store. So with you guys help you have made that happen for her. She is a very happy young lady. Thank you so much for your help, may God bless your organization.


Kyle’s Excellent Adventure

Written by Andrea Vrobel on September 9, 2015

I had the pleasure of spending the day with Kyle and his mom, Robin, in July when they received their van with a new BraunAbility conversion.  Kyle is ten years old and has a very rare syndrome called Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome.  He is dependent on Robin, who is a single mom, for all of his care.  Even though her days are busy ensuring that Kyle’s needs are met, Robin maintains a positive attitude and feels blessed.  Robin enjoyed working with all of the wonderful people at Ilderton Conversion of Charlotte and was appreciative of the great care she received from her Mobility Consultant, Bobby Rolfes.  A very special thank you also goes out to Q’Straint for their generous donation ensuring that Kyle can be safely and easily secured in his wheelchair during their travels.


Mobility is so much easier now for Lori and her 30-year-old son Daniel with their new BraunAbility conversion.  Lori is a single mother caring for her adult son who relies on her for all of his needs.  It is critical that as a caregiver, Lori not only care for Daniel but also take care of herself.  Many caregivers have become injured by loading wheelchairs into vehicles and the frequent transfer of loved ones. A valid and often heard concern is “who will take care of me and my loved one if I become injured?” We are glad that Lori can now safely and easily take Daniel for appointments and community events to enjoy a greater quality of life.  A great big thank you to our friends at MC Mobility Systems for your generous donation to ensure that Daniel remains safely secured during his travels.


Caleb And His Family Have Gained Their Mobility Freedom

13-year-old Caleb is a growing boy who can now ride comfortably and safely in  his wheelchair thanks to his family’s new van with a BraunAbility wheelchair lift.  Mobility freedom means a better quality of life for Caleb, allowing him to enjoy more activities and visit loved ones!  Many thanks to EZ Lock and Advanced Mobility Systems of Texas for their generous donations to ensure that Caleb is secure during his travels.

Dear Ralph Braun Foundation:

We can never thank you enough for your contribution towards the wheelchair accessible van for our son Caleb. By granting us these funds, you have made our lives so much easier. This has ensured the safety of Caleb, as well as all of us, and helps us be able to properly take care of him the best way possible. It has helped prevent any future accidents with Caleb. It has also given our family peace of mind that we have a vehicle designed for Caleb that will last us for many years to come. We are no longer limited to an outing of only one or two stops. Caleb has loved getting out and seeing people and this makes it so much easier, not to mention quicker! You have given us a lifetime of mobility and freedom.

Thank you,

Teresea, Charles, Colton and Caleb


Stephanie’s Mobility Dream Comes True

Stephanie’s new BraunAbility conversion will allow her to enjoy the independence that every 18-year-old young woman deserves.  It is with thanks to our generous donors that The Ralph Braun Foundation is able to provide grants to individuals such as Stephanie to help make mobility dreams come true!  A special thank you also goes out to EZ Lock whose donation ensured that Stephanie will be safely secured during her travels.  Her mom, Elena, wrote us the following letter:

I would like to thank The Ralph Braun Foundation for their donation to help me convert my minivan.  Thanks to them I now can take my daughter wherever she wants to go and she’s able to take her power wheelchair along.  Having this gives her freedom and independence.  I have struggled for a long time because everywhere I took her she couldn’t take her power chair and to her it meant lack of freedom.  She had to depend on me to push her around.  Now that we finally have the converted van she wants to go out all the time.  She is very happy and my husband and I are very grateful.  

Thank you so much for making her dream come true and for making  our lives easier as well.


Cutter Is On The Road To Dallas/Fort Worth

Accessible transportation makes a difference for the entire family!  Seven-year-old Cutter will now be able to enjoy activities in his community with the family’s  new BraunAbility conversion.  A very special thank you to EZ Lock and Advanced Mobility Systems of Texas for their generous donations which will allow Cutter to be transported safely and easily.

Dear Ralph Braun Foundation:

The funds granted for us towards our new van are going to make a huge difference in our family life.  We are now able to safely take my son, Cutter, to all of his doctor appointments. We no longer have to borrow a friend’s car to transport him to these appointments.  I no longer have to lift him out of his wheelchair to load him into the car, which means less strain on him and me. We are now able to do things as a family and Cutter will not be left out!  Cutter is an active part of his community and the special needs community.  He can now benefit from the numerous special needs events throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  This van allows me to, as a single mother of two; give them the best quality of life they deserve.  Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Lily, Cutter and Daryen


Chase’s Amazing Journey

This was an exciting day for Chase and his family!  They worked diligently to raise funds for the purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle which would allow them to transport Chase safely and easily.  A grant from The Ralph Braun Foundation provided them with the remaining funds they needed to achieve their goal of mobility freedom. Thank you to Cassy Churchill and Andy Parker with M.C. Mobility Systems in Evendale, OH who assisted this family in selecting a wheelchair accessible vehicle to best meet their needs.  This minivan with a VMI Northstar conversion will allow Chase to embark on many exciting journeys this summer!  His family wrote the letter below sharing with us the challenges they no longer have to face and the freedom they can now experience:

It all began October 31, 2014.  I was carrying Chase, our 10 year old little boy, into my SUV. Our normal routine was to place him up into his large special needs car seat, however this time we didn’t quite make it.  As we crossed our deck, and me being a bit of a klutz, somehow I managed to slip on the garden hose and down we went, thankfully Chase fully ready for Halloween and trick-or-treating laughed as we hit the deck.  My right hip took most of the fall, thankfully. Being a mom, and wanting to protect him, I managed in the split seconds to fall in a manner that prevented him from being injured.  He laughed out loud and this confirmed to me and everyone else that the fall didn’t warrant a trip to the ER for X-rays and that nothing was broken (Chase still laughs when it’s mentioned).  I believe this was the day that we decided something must be done!  My back and Chase’s ever increasing size coupled by the breaking down of his wheelchair each time we wanted to travel kept us inside and this just wasn’t fair.  He loved getting out doing things but keeping him and myself safe was a priority now, another fall could be devastating to him, or me, or both.

Embarking on the journey for the accessible van for Chase has been the most amazing journey thus far!  It has built memories, beautiful friendships that will last forever, hope, awareness, and independence for not only Chase but our entire family.  I’m sure The Ralph Braun Foundation realizes the impact it has to help give independence to individuals and it’s so much more than just financial.  I can try to say in words how thankful we are but I also want to show you.  Giving a child/adult and/or their family the ability to live easier without stressing about unnecessary worries like transportation safety, takes a huge weight off of our shoulders.  We no longer dread going to the grocery store, to the park, or to a family member’s birthday party!  These things may not all be fun all the time but are necessary to live a good quality of life, and just being a part of the community.  I can’t tell you enough how lonely it is at times being a special needs parent and a special needs child. However now we can get out into the community, Chase can now play on the Miracle Baseball League which he loves!  He recently went to Kings Island, another favorite, and the entire family went which was another first. 

Chase has 3 siblings so all of us going places together has been a huge challenge.  Thanks to The Ralph Braun Foundation, we can now all go places together!  I can now take him grocery shopping with me (he always get a prize before we leave), we are planning a family mini vacation with his new van and Chase is so excited!  He loves exploring new places, and now we can safely do this.  This entire experience has been amazing and unforgettable and not possible without you.  So we are sending you all of our love and a huge Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for being heroes to our little hero!

Sincerely yours,

Chase, John, Amanda, Little John, Alexis and Elyse


Jeffrey Is All Smiles

Jeffrey and his family worked with Phil Schempp at Access Mobility Center in Midland, MI to purchase a Dodge Grand Caravan with an El Dorado Amerivan conversion.  Jeffrey’s grandmother, who also uses a wheelchair, lives with the family and will also enjoy the freedom of accessible transportation.  Below you can read Jeffrey’s letter sharing his story and what an accessible vehicle will mean for him:

This award means a great deal to me and my family.  When I was born two months premature I was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.  I have needed a wheelchair my entire life (along with many other assistive technologies).  My disability has caused many financial hardships for my family but through it all they have encouraged me to be as independent as possible.  In 2013, while in training for my service dog, my accessible van broke down 400 miles from home and was non-repairable.  I have been home-bound for two years because we couldn’t afford to purchase another accessible vehicle.  Without transportation I had to give up my college degree hopes with three courses left to take, had to rent a vehicle to make doctor’s appointments that were outside of our county, and have not been able to see my family in New York for two years.  This grant was a huge help in getting my independence back!  I have been able to purchase a newer used vehicle with dependable accessibility thanks to this grant.  Thanks to The Ralph Braun Foundation I am able to get back out into the world and live independently again. 


Sylvia’s Wish For A Family Road Trip Comes True!

Sylvia and her family are thrilled to receive their new BraunAbility Toyota Rampvan Conversion with Q’Straint retractable wheelchair securements.  They worked with Grace Sweger and Charlie Flickner at Superior Van & Mobility in Lexington, KY to make five-year-old Sylvia’s wish for going out in her community and planning a family road trip come true. A very special thank you to each of the following organizations for their contribution in granting Sylvia’s wish:  Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Chapter, Superior Van & Mobility, BraunAbility, Q’Straint, and The Ralph Braun Foundation.  Below is a note from Sylvia’s mom, Jill, expressing her gratitude for this opportunity:

The opportunity for Sylvia to receive a van conversion is something that will impact her and our family for so many years to come. Since her diagnosis of KCNQ2, a rare genetic mutation that causes seizures, developmental delay and many other challenges, we have been working to plan for both her future and her day to day needs. Our van was serving us well for her day to day needs, but as she was growing and her mobility equipment was getting heavier, we knew that very soon a day would come when taking her out on outings would be extremely difficult. This thought was a sad one, because what Sylvie loves more than anything is to go on outings. When the opportunity came along from Make A Wish to potentially get our van converted to accommodate her wheelchair, we were thrilled! Since the conversion has been completed, we are able to take Sylvie on more outings and spend more time out in the community. We are even planning a family road trip this summer! Thank you so very much to all who assisted in this big undertaking. Our family is forever grateful for this wonderful gift that changes our lives each and every day and makes our future brighter as well.


Nathan And His Family Are Grateful For Their New Conversion

Nathan and his family have faced many challenges lately and are grateful for the assistance received from The Ralph Braun Foundation, as well as the great care and recommendations made by Gordon Weishner, Mobility Consultant with M.C. Mobility Systems, Inc. in Mentor, OH.  The family’s minivan was equipped with a BraunAbility rear entry conversion which will allow them to transport Nathan easily and safely to appointments, work, and activities. Nathan’s family wrote the following letter after receiving their newly accessible vehicle:

We would like to thank The Ralph Braun Foundation for accepting our application to receive the grant.  We are truly blessed to receive the funds allowing us to have our vehicle modified for our 27-year-old son Nathan.  Nathan has had Cerebral Palsy since birth.  Our family has been through a lot this last year financially, but along with this organization we were able to have our van modified for our son.  Words cannot express how thankful and grateful we are to The Ralph Braun Foundation.


Retired Police Officer Enjoys the Ease of Transportation in His Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Clifford and Beverly worked with Mountain Adaptive in Asheville, NC to select a wheelchair accessible vehicle to best meet their needs.  Their mobility consultant assisted them in selecting a Braun XT conversion with a B&D 8-way transfer seat base and Veigel hand controls. They received a grant from The Ralph Braun Foundation to achieve their goal of mobility freedom.

My wife and I are eternally grateful to The Ralph Braun Foundation for their efforts and support in granting financial assistance to help me with the purchase of our Braun Entervan. 

Due to my Multiple Sclerosis and my wife’s Chiari Malformation, we are both physically disabled and are making every possible effort to remain living as independently as possible.  My height (6’6″) required our seeking the Braun XT conversion on the Dodge Grand Caravan.  I can easily enter via my scooter or powerchair and with the power transfer seat, easily access the driver’s position.

Through the efforts of your organization we can continue to live independently and remain mobile in our pursuing of appointments, errands, and obligations without reliance on neighbors and hired transportation.

Thank you Ralph Braun Foundation!

Cliff & Beverly


This is One Happy Family!

Laura Calhoun, Development Director of the Albany Advocacy Resource Center in Albany, GA, rallied the community to help this family get a much needed wheelchair accessible vehicle.  Joe Butler and staff at Quail Country Customs, Inc. worked tirelessly to complete the modifications to this vehicle, including a BraunAbility wheelchair lift and EZ Lock automatic wheelchair tiedowns.

Words cannot even express how thankful we are to have a wheelchair accessible van! I just want to shout from the highest mountaintop a great big THANK YOU to the Ralph Braun Foundation and to everyone involved from the donors to Joe Butler at Quail Country Customs. With our new van and lift, our lives have become richly blessed. We had reached a point where our lives became stalled because of the children’s sizes. Being teenagers and weighing as much as a full size adult, it was becoming too much to lift and transfer our children from their wheelchairs to the vehicle seats. I was afraid of injuring Tifton or Bethany by dropping or falling with them. Not to mention hurt or pulled back muscles for me and Scott because of lifting the kids or putting their heavy wheelchairs into the back of our old van. This became such a strenuous process that we started eliminating  certain outings like visits to the zoo, park, and parties. As a mom, I was feeling so guilty because they should be able to enjoy these things like everyone else and I couldn’t continue to provide their recreation. Now, with the new lift, we can roll right into the van and to our destination!!! 

I want to say a special thank you to Joe Butler for helping us find the perfect van for our family and modifying it to fit Bethany and Tifton’s special needs. With Joe’s special care and attention, I do not have to worry about the safety of the kids while I’m driving and can have my focus on the road. Thank you so much for your hard work! 

With grateful hearts, we thank you for proving such a blessing as this grant to our family and others,

Scott, Dawn, Tifton and Bethany


Brandon Thanks His Heroes

Brandon and his family are grateful for all of their “heroes” who assisted in achieving their transportation mobility goal.  A very special thank you to Bruno for their generous donation to ensure that Brandon can be transferred and transported safely and comfortably.  Thank you also to Jay Simpson and Alamo Mobility in San Antonio, TX for going the extra mile to help this family receive a new Bruno Valet Plus seat and wheelchair lift.

We have entered the year 2015 with a Bang! Brandon finally has his mobility seat and lift. Brandon has been able to go to his appointments with no problems. We are able to get him in and out the van knowing we will not break a bone. Now we be going to Boerne Tx. For horseback riding classes, his therapy sessions and we are planning a small family trip which we have done for along time. The modification done to the van means the difference between getting around carefree or staying home missing out on life. I would like to thank everyone that made this possible from the first person taking call getting the wheels started, to doing the paper work, to the installers,and most of all those that picked up the bill. All of you will always be Brandon’s  heroes and mine too. No words could ever express the gratitude and admiration I have for each and everyone of you.    Sincerely, William Brandon and Minne