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Retired Police Officer Enjoys the Ease of Transportation in His Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Clifford (center) and Beverly with Mobility Consultant at Mountain Adaptive


Clifford and Beverly worked with Mountain Adaptive in Asheville, NC to select a wheelchair accessible vehicle to best meet their needs.  Their mobility consultant assisted them in selecting a Braun XT conversion with a B&D 8-way transfer seat base and Veigel hand controls. They received a grant from The National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility to achieve their goal of mobility freedom.

My wife and I are eternally grateful to The National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility for their efforts and support in granting financial assistance to help me with the purchase of our Braun Entervan. 

Due to my Multiple Sclerosis and my wife’s Chiari Malformation, we are both physically disabled and are making every possible effort to remain living as independently as possible.  My height (6’6″) required our seeking the Braun XT conversion on the Dodge Grand Caravan.  I can easily enter via my scooter or powerchair and with the power transfer seat, easily access the driver’s position.

Through the efforts of your organization we can continue to live independently and remain mobile in our pursuing of appointments, errands, and obligations without reliance on neighbors and hired transportation.

Thank you National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility!

Cliff & Beverly