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James Feels Blessed to Receive His New Bruno Transfer Seat

With the assistance of FastServ Medical in Bossier, LA and the tremendous fundraising efforts of his caregivers , James can now be safely transferred into a comfortable position in his new Bruno Valet Plus seat.   Not only was this a tremendous improvement in James’ quality of life, but also for his caregivers in ensuring that they can protect their backs and keep James safe during the transfers.

Hi!  My name is James and I’m here to tell you a little about how purchasing a Bruno chair with the help of The Ralph Braun foundation has greatly helped me.  Without the blessing of this grant, my caretakers, which are in their mid-older days, would have to pick me up from the wheelchair and transfer me into a small vehicle and then have to crawl inside the back and driver’s side to make any adjustments to make sure I was comfortable, as well as safe, every time we needed to go somewhere.  It was very hard on us both, but now, with the help of FastServ for installing a Valet Plus into my caretaker’s passenger side of the vehicle, it’s very easy to bring the seat out of the vehicle and sit me into a comfortable seating position and make any adjustments before controlling the seat to go back into the vehicle.  It is such a relief on my caretakers back and is a much easier transfer, for me, from the wheelchair into the Bruno chair.

I would like to thank you again National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility for helping me with purchasing this chair.  Without your help, I would not be able to get out and enjoy life more because of the difficultness in my transfers from my wheelchair to vehicle and from vehicle to wheelchair.  I would also like to say Thank You to FastServ for the fast and hard work of their employee’s for the installation of this chair.  I thank you all who have helped to make this much needed equipment possible so that I can go places without having to put hardly any strain on my transfers.  May you continue to bless and help those that are in need of such equipment so that they too might be able to get out and enjoy life.

James with his dear friend, Brenda, and Brad from FastServ Medical