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Barron Williams of Sunset Mobility Delivers A New Van to Angela and Her Family

Barron Williams of Sunset Mobility with Angela, her Mother and Grandmother

Barron Williams, a mobility consultant from Sunset Mobility in Miami assisted Angela and her Mother with the application for a grant from the National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility.  Angela’s Mother wrote the following nice letter.

Dear National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility,

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the grant money we were awarded to help with our mobility van purchase, which will greatly improve our lives.  My daughter is a young lady with quadrapelgia, who uses a wheelchair full-time. For many years, we have struggled with mobility and transportation difficulties.  In the past, the system in our van did not allow for my daughter to ride in her wheelchair and as a result she became uncomfortable quickly so our trips were very limited.  I would have to stop the vehicle often during our trip to try and reposition my daughter to reduce her discomfort.  In addition, the system required me to do heavy lifting and maneuvering every time we went in and out of the van.  Honestly, just thinking about going out of the house made me feel very tired and drained.

As a low-income single parent family, owning a mobility van seemed out of our reach at first, but I viewed it as an investment in our future.  I worked very hard and explored many avenues to make this dream a reality, but I believe it is well worth it. I very much appreciate the grant from The National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility, as well as the long term financing that made our monthly payments affordable.

The ways in which our lives will change with our new van are countless.  We will enjoy convenience and ease in getting in and out of the van as well as the comfort and safety.  We are very excited about our new found freedom and look forward to many fun trips in our beautiful new van.


The National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility will be opening a new funding cycle later in the year.  At that time the online application will be available at