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Grant Keeps Music Teacher Singing

Kristanecia King with her Mother and Mobility Consultant, Scott Coots of HDS Vans/Mobility Works of Georgia

The following letter was received from grant recipient Kristanecia King:

My name is Kristanecia King and I recently received a grant from the National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility.  The word grateful does not seem to adequately describe how I feel about the kindness and consideration of the National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility.

My whole life I have worked considerably hard to make something of myself, to be accomplished in certain ways and to find indepence any way I could.  I was able to graduate from college and find a job that involved doing something that I love, which is being a private vocal teacher.  It has been a blessing to attain such a wonderful job where I can not only inspire students about the wonders of music, but also assist them in realizing their musical potential on whatever scale they may be on.  Unfortunately, it has also been a difficult year of accessibility.  With the responsibility expected to teach my students with my best ability, the responsibility of being able to arrive to the location of my job has proven burdensome with a less then reliable car.  Each moment going into a van that is 15 years old and seems to be falling apart is accompanied by a prayer that it will get me where I need to go without the car stalling in the middle of the road, which it has done quite a few times.  I have even had to ask for rides from coworkers and friends just to get to work.  Without reliable transportation, it is difficult to keep a job, but thank goodness, at this time, I still have a job to go to, where I can make a small difference in the lives of students through music.  It seems that our van has seen it’s last days, so obviously it was time to get a new vehicle and finally, the right time has presented itself to proceed with getting a more reliable van.  The funds provided by the National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility was truly a blessing in helping me to attain the right van for me to continue to travel to and from work.  I would like to say once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility as I drive off, a little more safely, into my future.


Kristanecia King