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Judy Head with Her New Transfer Seatbase

In 1993, Judy Head lost both of her legs above the knee due to Lupus. When she was released from the hospital, she used a manual wheelchair and a Braun ChairTopper to continue her active lifestyle. Seven years later, however, her condition required her to move to a power chair, and she was again confronted with a new mobility challenge. She’s used a full-sized van with a lift and, most recently, a minivan with a transfer seat. When that transfer seat quit working, she was in desperate need of a replacement.


Mobility was critical to Judy so she could continue her work as the founder and director of Ramps Across America, a non-profit that builds free wheelchair ramps for people who cannot afford them. With the help of a grant from the National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility, along with a contribution from Mobility Supercenter, Judy was able to compile the funds needed to purchase a transfer seat and put her back on the road helping others