Application Rules

Application Rules

1.     Mobility equipment considered for this grant program must be essential mobility transportation equipment.  This includes conversions for accessible vans, wheelchair lifts, scooter or truck lifts, car-top carriers, etc.  Wheelchairs, scooters and home modifications are not eligible for this program.  We are unable to provide assistance toward repair of existing equipment. Only the purchase of equipment that is deemed needed and necessary to meet the needs of the applicant will be considered for grant assistance.

2.     Mobility equipment must be purchased from a retail dealer in the customer’s geographical service area  who is certified by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. The manufacturer of the mobility product must also be certified by NMEDA. All NMEDA principles and guidelines are applicable.  These dealers can be located at  Equipment must be essential mobility transportation equipment identified as a result of an evaluation and  appropriate to a significant and lasting disability.

3.     The application and supplementary information must be submitted in conjunction with a mobility dealer but must include a great deal of personal information as well as a “proposal” or prospectus which outlines the project in detail including equipment details and pricing.  The mobility dealer quote must be provided as an official company document (on business letterhead).  Photos from the dealer website will not be considered. Please fill out the application as completely as possible.  Your background narrative is very important, and the statement must include a clear demonstration of the need for the equipment requested.

4.     Information must be provided in the application that demonstrates clearly (letters of rejection) that all other government funding sources and entitlements have been exhausted prior to application to The National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility.  If documentation from these funding sources is not available, please provide a narrative of this information.

5.     Applications must be completely filled out and additional information attached as needed to fully answer all questions.  Applications will be accepted July 1, 2019  through July 30, 2019. Determination announcements will be sent via e-mail on August 31, 2019.

6.     Approved and funded applications MUST result in an equipment purchase immediately.  All grants awarded expire if not used within 60 days.  Projects that are selected for funding must demonstrate that all other funding to complete the sale has been secured.  When the bill of sale is submitted to The National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility, a check will be made directly to the selling dealer on behalf of the applying client.

7.   The grant may fund up to 25% of the transportation mobility equipment with a cap of $5,000.  The grant may not be used to fund any equipment already funded by Vocational Rehabilitation or another government source.  In the case of a van, ONLY the conversion or wheelchair lift may be considered for funding.  For a used accessible van the blue-book value of the vehicle is subtracted from the total cost and 25% of the remaining balance is eligible for National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility funding.

8.   Grants not funded within 60 days of award will be considered ineligible for funding and applicants who still need time to get their other funding in order must reapply at the next funding cycle.

9.   Please do not send material not requested.  Photographs and letters of recommendation from others are not part of the process and should not be included as attachments.  There is a limit to the attachment size that may be included.  If you are having difficulty with the electronic submission try dividing your attachments and submitting two applications.

10.  Only completed applications with all supporting materials will be considered for funding.  All applications will be accepted electronically ONLY.

11.  You must include a valid email address and all requested materials in order for your application to be considered valid.

12.  Currently only applications from the United States and Canada are being considered.

13.  If the applicant has already taken delivery of the mobility product and the sale has been completed, the application will not be eligible for consideration.

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